Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Yo guys! My exams are just over & I jumping up and down in my room, on the stairs...everywhere! Finally, 1 year have passed, I am no longer a 3rd year noobie anymore, but a senior in my own rights here in Nara National College of Tech. I dont wanna talk bout my exams too much, some I did very well, and some I just hope that god will help make the teacher 'blind' when marking my paper...some markah kesian PLZ...anyway, its all over now, and I am LOOKING foward to my 1st trip back to M'sia now.(Its no longer 'going home', but just a short stop before coming back to Japan, AGAIN....)Well, without further delaying my true intentions, I wanna type bout ALL the stuffs I plan to do when I'm back!

Everyone! Not only my gang and those in Penang, but ALL, ALL, I don't care if its Joon Kee or Kwok Thong(The person I can say I hated most in high school), just wanna meet with everyone! I know its somewhat impossible cos everyone is everywhere, so I'll leave it to 'fate' to decide...

NO.2: Family?
I'm not kinda sure till now, I didn't really miss my parents before except during the CNY festival only, and thats that! Maybe it runs in my family or its just me? Hmm....but i still wanna see how my parents have change....my dad got retrenched(I like to call it kena 'fried cuttlefish') cos his company didn't do well instead of all the good publicity about Penang in The Star, my mum is complaning that she is 50 now and hopes to be forever 28...why huh? why 28? My sis was supposed to be in the US, but for some non-terrorist related reasons, she failed in her 1st application...and because I didn't 'puasa' as promised.(Which she said will bring her good luck? HAr?) Good luck in your second try sis! Ya! Finally, my dad'd B'day is today! Happy B'day Dad! So 'ngam' today is the last day of exams..and I'm jumping up & down!

No more Jap food for me for 1 month plz! NO!! What do I feel like eating the most now...hmm...Hokkien Mee!(Prawn Mee for those living in the southern region) I really miss this food lol! Next to come? MAMAK!!! Garlic Naan! I still can remember eating it almost every morning after my comp sessions with my gang! So, let me see, theres, 1 Ton Mee, Curry Mee, Nasi Lemak, Rendang, Sushi, oily Char Koey Teow, Laksa, SATAY CELUP!!, Duck Rice(to my juniors who loved duck(as a dish that is), theres NONE in Japan! Only in your dreams can u find any!) and the list goes on....wait, I see the word sushi, ya, I'm not kidding, I have this fav shop in Sungei Wang called Tokyo Sushi and I'm going there again! Still love sushi alot lol!

Ok, this is getting long winded(as usual la...) so I'm gonna leave here with a song which is playing in my brains since the exam ended! ENJOY!