Sunday, June 26, 2005

What is a Lainie?

Congratulations Jeremy Cheong, you are...

Lainie Yeoh of

You are funny, smart, experimental, sarcastic and artistic. You can be mean and obnoxious if you want to but most the time you're just a soft, romantic and sentimental person. Come to think of it, you are kinda like a durian - hard and thorny on the outside, but soft and sweet (not smelly) on the inside. You're always getting into trouble whether you like it or not. Your friends play a big part in your life and rightfully so because you'll never give up an opportunity to help them out if they ask. You are the life of the party.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Was just bored and took this reasonless questionare by this 'tak tau malu' creator....but hey! check it out! I din do badly in it......did I? And who the heck is LAINIE?? (The Fun Way To Shop!)

Can't live without it! Can't live with it! This is my new shopping habit since I reached the shores of Japan....why? Cos this is the only country that requires no credit card when purchasing from some internet sites(in my case Amazon).With just an extra charge of 260yen(RM8?), I get what I want in front of my doorstep in a weeks time from my order....Better than spending almost 2000yen just for the train to Osaka!

Its is my only primary access to English books here without going to big cities and its kinda nice by just clicking on a few buttons and I bought something....As till today, I have already spent about 10k yen worth of books, mostly on novel by Tom Clancy and I'm afriad it might still add up....thats why I can't live with it....scary to be in a situation when the packages arrives but I have no money to pay...don't know what will happen then?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Me And My New 'BoA' Photo Album!! Bought It From for 3000yen....YEAH!! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wakayama College.....Paradise In A Nutshell!

Image hosted by

Welcome To Wakayama College Of Technology!

Image hosted by

Its Not That Far.....Just 2 Hours Of Bus Ride Away....Sleepy...

Image hosted by

This College Has A Tropical Kind Of Landscape,

Image hosted by

Lush Greens(Albeit Not Well Kept),

Image hosted by

A Wide Variety Of Students....oops! I meant Wildlifes....

Image hosted by

And Not Forgetting Their Huge Hostels & School Ground!

Image hosted by

Wakayama College Is Situated Inside A 'Kampung'....

Image hosted by

With The Front Facing The Mountains....

Image hosted by

Back Facing 'Salt Water'....

Image hosted by

And Last But Not Least.....A HUGE Nuclear Power Station Nearby!! ARR!!! SCARY!!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Golden Week! (Day 6)(Finale!)

Well, finally, I have the time and energy left to continue my last and final piece of my past hols(about 1 1/2 months ago dee lo!)Well, crossing my fingers hoping to remember all the important here it goes...

After the entire trip in that awesome aquariun, we decided to take the ferries wheel and also try out the I-Max theater(yes, its also called I-MAX in Japan)....but since the ferries wheel is so jam crowded(45 minutes of wait...wriiten on a board on the entrance) we just decided to head to the I-max instead....I did notice the face of my ex-roomate turn a little black at that time...but, face the fact, he would be going back quite soon(bought tickets dee) so....I-max WE GO!

The tittle we chose was called 'Haunted Castle' costing us 630yen each(RM21? cheap also huh?) When we were lining up, I think we just spoke too much 'non-japanese'...with Me and Randy in English and the rest Mandarin, the ticket collecter asked us if we wanted earphones for the English version, which in my opinion, is so 'Pai Seh' cos I think its sorta like and insult to us la! I mean come on la, if we din ask for it, DONT assume that we can't speak or listen any Japanese words la! Okok, I should thanx their sincerity but so sorry, not my type!

And since I haven't been to the I-max in Times Square(thanks to Daniel who doesn't dare to drive inside KL last the time!), can't really give any comments about it, just that its smaller than what I've imagined(Maybe my expectations are too high about Japan?) The show? Well, a little scary at 1st, but damn boring from the middle onwards...almost fell asleep!

After the 'not so scary' movie, it about time to send Randy of to where he belongs so we decided to have a quick dinner(dont want him to be a hungry ghost!) comments about the 'yakiniku'stall(roasted meat) except that the price is kinda expensive la...Then, its BYE! See you again sometime in the future but no so soon ok!(Have to stress again that I'm not gay!)...just joking!

Guess, what, the ferries wheel looks so attractive at night, LETS RIDE ON IT!! Its now a 1 hour wait but, why care? Theres not as if theres a school tomorrow right? The 1 hour wait and 700 yen paid for a 15 minutes ride on the world's biggest ferries wheel is well worth it if its not Fook Hee that is in the same car with me(Shi Han & Miss Ng is in another car)....I'm not saying I hated him or what, just that that type of romantic view should be spent with someone else......someone more special....U GET WHAT I MEAN RIGHT? I was damn embarrased when the person in charge asked us if we wanted to take a pic together(all ppl entering the ferries wheel are entittle to take a pic but you only decide to buy it later) OF course not!!!

That short 15 minutes ended with a 'sigh' "so fast". Entered an amusement park, spend an hour there playing resident evil(I don't think the version is available in M'sia yet)Time for good byes again...since 'U know who' & 'U know who's who' will be going back to their hotel, left me and Fook Hee going back lo...But the best thing happened next!

Fook Hee was hungry so we decided to stop at 1 of the train station to get a snack(In this case, Mcd) We actually saw a singer performing life in front of a bunch of ppl on the streets. I mean she isn't that popular yet, but hell ya! She can sing, while playing the piano and......which singer in Japan isn't either cute or pretty?(She falls in the pretty category!) Din imagine I can ever get to a singer this close(about 3 metres away?) I swore she have at least glanced by me at least once! A theory by Fook Hee at that time was to go and give her something(a flower?a present? anything!) so that she at least knows you before she starts walking the road of fame? Hmm...kinda true also, but sorry, I admit I don't have the guts doing such a thing....U know, I get very nervous when I see really pretty gals....what can I say?

Well, by the time I reached my hostel, its 12.30am dee, too tired to think, just drop down of tiredness. Don't dare to look at my wallet that night, dont know how much spent dee....(later I checked and it was 30,000++yen, WHAT LA WEI! No budget for my summer dee la if this goes on! 30,000++ in 4 RM terms, its like RM800 in 4 days....COOL HUH?) Thats all dee la...promise no more old rotten history dee....can't wait for summer now!

Monday, June 13, 2005

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Someone call the fire department!

I interupt the story on my GW to bring you the latest shocking news live from Japan!
No! Its not about a fire, hell, its not even about have anything to do with you all out there....but its a HUGE news! There is something dark in the making! Some fire deep down which is about to erupt at any, if anything bad happends and I can't online again, plz dont forget me ok!

Ok la, its a little exagerated, but these few days, my neighbour, Mr. Shi Han is having a harder and harder time controlling his 'I thought had gone' bad temper. It seems that he gets mad easily at the slightest things most ppl do(especially me) even thought it doesn't concern him or it just a small mistake which even Fook Hee and the others don't care about(so do I!)

He can sometimes not talk to me for a few days(I dont know about the rest of the ppl...) but then out of nowhere, come in my room and started talking to me like normal, just like the Shi Han we all come to knew when he got Miss Soo....then, after that, back to his 'Mr. Supa Serious' than we hoped had gone from him....

I'm guessing maybe the 'Soo Sing' miracle medicine's effectiveness is beginning to dwindle down so the serious part of him is starting emerging....I'm still waiting for a day when he will say "FUCK YOU" to someone like he used to say when he was at the PONR(called point of no return...not PORN!) at PPKTJ...

Ok, some examples of what I did that irritated him:
-I took 2 eggs from my senior from the fridge without asking the pemission of my senior(was cooking and was in need of eggs!) He was there, and gave me that, 'You are a disrespectful good for nothing person and I've regretted knowing you!' face....I admit I was wrong at that time, but I did bought back the eggs from the supermarket ASAP after my lunch on the next day and informed my senior about the 'incident' too...Hell! My senior just said "ooh, really? Never mind,its just eggs, you don't have to ask me" and even wanted me not to repay him which of course I did! And for that incident, 2 days of 'I don't know you' face...haih....

-I washed my shoes and left it to try. Water from my shoes flowed out without me noticing but Shi Han told me bout it....I heard wrongly and thought that the toilet was wet so I checked it up found a small patch of water and cleaned it up(its a toilet! of course theres water!)....later, after 10 minutes, a fierce stare on his face while saying "I never knew you are such a person!!" came....I said sorry soooo many times but he just ignored and took the mop from me to mop it(I wanted to clean it up la!) there goes 3 days.....

-My another neighbour from Kenya did some stupid joke(I think its stupid also)...and Mr Serious said something aggressive and just waliked away.....I can't really catch what he say though.....there goes that guy's friendship with Mr Serious for 2 days...

Now, where did that non-stop talking Shi Han went to? I'm still waiting to see how things will turn up now....he doesn't talk things out so its a HUGE '?' for me on how he thinks bout us ppl now....

But hey! Look at the bright side! It seems that there are actually some really cute gals in my college! Its just that they are 2nd year student so I din notice until last month...FINALLY! Some reason to go to school.....sorry, nothing to do with the main topic but who cares....its still good news right? Chowz!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

My personality?

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Extraversion (49%) medium which suggests you average somewhere in between being assertive and social and being withdrawn and solitary.
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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Something more....cos my camera ran out of battery halfway through...DAMN! Posted by Hello

Brr....COLD!!! Posted by Hello

The so called biggest ferries wheel in the world...pity 'those' who missed it! Posted by Hello

The biggest tank in the whole aquarium....take note of the whale shark in the background! Posted by Hello

The 'sardins' who were there at that time....colourful aren't they? Posted by Hello