Saturday, April 16, 2005!money!

No money dee! Thats what happened to me today....well, its not that terrible actually, just that I spent my whole day in Osaka today and bought myself a cool 2.1 sound system from Creative which cost me like Rm450....To be honest, my thoughts about going to Osaka was to enjoy the 'scenery' but I spent most of my time walking around with Shin Han and Fook Hee looking for computers but thats not all! After they bought all the parts, we (theres 9 of us foreign students) have to carry a huge box each to walk around Osaka city. Isn't actually a nice experiece with everyone starring at us as if we are carry boms or dead body inside those boxes!) And since those boxes were heavy, we din go inside any place there but just passed by everything which is sooo boring!

Instead of touring Osaka city, we now decided to go to Osaka Garden to watch sakura flowers lo! Din say that it wasn't nice, just that I have somewhat grown tired at looking at this pale coloured flower, make me lose spirit only! There was this old castle situated at the top of a hill inside the garden, its called Osaka castle, a very beautiful and huge castle used to be inhabitted by the Japanese emperor before the word 'democracy' became known to the Japs....imagine the person u voted for asked u to built such a huge structure using bare hands with no machines? U still wanna vote for that 'guy' mer? Well,of course the Japs now are grateful cos they have a huge castle as a tourist attraction where they can charge 1000 yen per entry.

So here, i started becoming a 'pro' photographer, taking snap shots from almost the entire angle of the place....its huge ok! Not to mention that since this is a 'sakura watching season' the entire place is jammed packed with humans and their all so faithful 'four legged companions' both wearing fashionable clothing(i meant both of the species!) It just seems that Japs are realy affectionate towards dogs that they even buy clothes for them....haih...talking bout being so fortunate being a human being on top of the food chain, i think this dogs are so much better off! Nice clothing, good food(their furs are extremely smooth and shiny), no studies and all u need to do is to mind your own business until makan time! Why and I now a Jap dog ler???!!! Oh ya, mind all of u who is still in M'sia, dogs here are very obidient, doesn't bark and are all pedegree breeds, not the mongrel we find in the streets.

So, after an entire day of walking with a 'bom', we decided to head back before sundown cos if we were to go on any further, our arms will break dee...After all this trouble, we still have to stand inside trains(for 40 minutes) while blocking ppls way cos of those big and heavy boxes! I have to cycle back from the train station back to hostel(din take bus cos wanna save money la!) by the time I reach the hostel, got scolded by the canteen ppl somemore for taking my dinner so late....however, thanx to my slow to anger 'gift', i din't even rest b4 starting to help (more like doing it all by myself) Fook Hee fix his new computer parts even after a wasted trip to Osaka. Took my bout 3 hours but well, its worth the hardwork to see something becoming alive after some pushing and jerking of the key components(plz dont think so senget!) In within 2 weeks, all the new comers of my year now owns a computer. Fast? Nope! Life is just not complete without computer for us guys. More like a matter of life and death thing.

Monday, April 11, 2005


Theres a few stuff going on today(Friday) There is this 'Nyugakku shiki'(New students ceremony) and 'Ryugaku shiki'(New hostelites ceremony) so I've been kinda occupied the whole day(means I can't go out jalan) I've to go to the hall(more like hell) just to listen to all those speeches that I don't think i can understand! Was damn sleepy at that time but in order to place a good image about we ALIENS from M'sia, I did manage to stay awake through the whole ceremony thing. And ya! We aliens are placed in a special row that is different from the other students so if....i say IF I did anything stupid, I think most of the ppl in the hall will notice it!(Hope I didn't do anything stupid la!) Well, after all those fuss(cos must wear coat), time to
go 'hanabiing'(enjoy the sakura flowers) with a senior called Tadao(A Brazilian born Japanese) The garden we went to was just nearby so we decided to cycle there instead of paying 500yen for the bus(takai yo!) However, I wasn't much facinated by the sakura flowers as much as I thought I will.... (maybe my expectations on the flower was too high?) Even my Japanese tutor said that he no longer thinks that sakura is beautiful anymore...its more like flowers on the road side to him only....hmm, hows M'sia's hibiscus doing back there? Can't even see any in M'sia, don't expect to see any in Japan kua? Well, maybe I'm not on the natures side so.....sad to say this...nothing special at all....

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

2nd day in Japan

After a good nite sleep of 3 hours, time to wake up to start packing all my stuff again cos were moving to our kosen on this very day itself. After a wholesome breakfast, every is ordered to gather at the lobby down stairs where more and more sorrow faces can be seen everywhere. Most of us are feeling sad because we are leaving our friends or 'koibito' to continue what the M'sia government forced us to do, STUDY!(it may sound harsh, but if u get to see their faces at that time and give them a chance to go back M'sia...i think most will except it!) Well, for some reasons, I din feel, I din feel anything at all at that moment, not even exited bout my new kosen! Its just like a usual day of no worries nor excitement...Soo Sing was really tensed up at that time that she would almost killed me if i disturb her somemore. So after the photo shot session ended, we're ordered to leave seperately according to our groups that was, SAYONARA ALL!
2.30 hours of shinkansen finally brought me, Shi Han & Fook Hee to Kyoto rain station where Prof. Shimada has been wait for us....ok! 1st impression of the senseis in my kosen, 'What la! So tall!'.....he is like 1 head taller than me!Fortunately, this sensei is not the 'Loh Sensei' type of person so god bless Nara Kosen! After a few minutes of introduction(60 minutes to be excact) on Nara and the surrounding areas, I finally reached my future college which is located in a place called Yamato Kooriyama. This kosen is not realy that big like a uni but somewhat bigger than UTMKL(lousy uni!) cos theres a huge field in the middle of the college. There, were greeted by a few of the staffs and 2 foreign students (the Japs call us foreign ppl ALIEN though!) called Robert(Indonesia) and Lit(Laos), after all this fuss for 2 years in PPKTJ, the restart button is now pressed and my new life here in Japan starts!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

First and not the only!

Wow! I can't believe this! I'm actually writting a blog after saying 'NO' so many times to Chris, Kelly & May Ching but since I'm kinda bored here (besides cycling Nara Town to shop or a department stall called Apita that sells everything from pencils to cars!) and U ppl keep asking the same question bout life in Japan, I think i'll be better off if I type this once, and let everyone 'enjoy' it while I enjoy my 'NO MORE SAME QUESTION AGAIN' freedon. Ok, i'll just start my experience from the day I reach Narita Airport, Japan.....
Why so few ppl 1?" was the 1st thought U had when I reached the arrival gate of Narita come so few ppl 1? NARITA u know! But I think the truth really hits us when we least expected huh?(Stop complaining bout KLIA also dee) Well, after we got stuck in the airport(while blocking ppl's passage like what most M'sian do!) for like 2 hours just becos we must change some 'cash' and send our bags to our designated destination, to the Malaysian Embassy we go....Its a nice building from inside but the sad thing is that you can't really see it from outside since its blocked by another building nearby. So, if you were to ask me to search for it...sesat lo! Fortunately, we are given 45 minutes to walk around the place(called Shibuya) so wasting no time, we scouted around for either nice stuffs like....err..better not say it out la...sensitivela! or 'nice' ppl(dont need explaniation kua?) I actually did saw a naughty mag lying on the floor but of coursela i didn't pick it up! What for! Here got soo many on sale!(Will explain later on other blogs) Then after the first 45 minutes of Japan's 1st impression(very good till now) my worst nigtmare starts, 4 hours of non-stop nonsense from the JPA! Imagine this, one of them spent 1 hour asking us not to get married to anyone here in Japan because our scholarship too little la, no time cos we must study la...then the other JPA fella pula spent 1 hour telling us that we get a divorce, we must do this la, do that la, your son/daughter will follow who la...imagine two contradicting force clashing each other, the result? More than 3/4 of the person in the room is already fast asleep(including me..of course) after all those stupid talks, off to our hotel canlled TOKO hotel, its a superb business hotel and if you didn't see it for yourself, I don't think you can imagine me! I was kinda expecting a box like hotel, or should i say a kennel? With no bathroom attached like those typical Japanese ryokans where we have to bath together in the ofuro(bath tub). Well, my expectation was wrong(fortunately!) because there is actually a room with bathroom attached...but thats not all! In just a size like my sis's room (for those who stayed there b4) or something like a 5*5 squaremetres, theres a table, tv set,water boiler, phone, cupboard, ironing board, heater, alarm clock, bed, and not forgeting the toilet equipped with ofuro. I was like 'WOW!' how can so many stuffs fit in one small puny space which was quite impossible to imagine if i'm using standard size stuffs from M'sia cos the things are really SMALL!! Everything was downsized to fit in the room exactly. So, without wasting time, I tested most of the equipments until almost 7pm where I was assigned to 'search and locate'(not destroy) the rest of the PPKTJ chinese ppl who wanted to go out to eat with either senpais or senseis (i choose the former, Ishikawa Sensei, gomen!) After that, out we go! 1st stop, a shop called Big Camera in Shinjuku.....ok, let me describe it, its a huge departmental stall selling only electronic stuffs which is so high tech and beautiful, I almost dont want to leave the place if I have the cash la....but 1st thing 1st, get myself a electronic dict which cost me bout 30,000yen which, not suprisingly is the same model that Randy bought also(told you dont always follow me dee rite!) After that, our next stop is a food stall outside a departmental sbuilding cos a few of us are really very hungry(its 9pm and we havent took our dinner yet!) so i got myself the 1st taste of japanese onigiri...its a big lump of rice stuffed with....err...what also got la, chicken, cheese, beef, salmon....etc and it was FANTASTIC! Never thought that i'll be this nice. However Ang senpai cautioned us from eating to much cos he is taking us to a 'nice' place for 'supper'(din even have dinner yet ok!) Then, a quick breeze around Shinjuku before we went to the tallest building in Tokyo to have a night view from the observation post. Its not even as tall as KOMTAR tower in Penang though, but what do u expect a country with huge earthquakes! Well, its kinda hard to eplain it from the top observation view of the tower cos its like a sea full of lights from houses until the horizon and beyond. Just imagine this, millions of stars till the infinity! Dear Kuala Lumpur is totally no match for this scenery..not even 1% close(trust me when u see for yourself) After all this wonderful unforgetable experience (din bring my camera along! Wasted!) makan time comes! But just to go makan require us to take a train to a place called Ikebukuro (river bag?) it's sooo congested in the station that i can barely get a grip on the handle that Ang senpai said that at this time(11pm) its only 1/2 congested....cant imagine how scary it is during peak wonder so many 'chikan' casses la. Even if its not done on purpose, some ppl might misunderstand us guys cos its just so congested that we guys din really do it on porpose!!(u think we all so miang mer!) in Ikebukuro, a shop selling 'tei syokku' is where our 'nice' supper had been...kinda disapointed thought, came all this way just to eat 'tei syokku' which means u order a set of rice and you can add rice to your liking....whatla wei! I know can save money la! but not until eat so much rice! Fortunately, the day was saved cos the kare katsu(curry fried pork rice) was excelent and since Japanese rice is so different, my 2nd bowl did come after so many months of 'no to too much rice'. With a bloated stomach, back to hotel we go...
Thanx senpai! 1st day of Japan, Owatta!(means finish dee...)