Friday, June 01, 2007

Not so Joyful Lina

I've expected this result the day it came out in The Star. As a liberal atheist born in a conservative Muslim country, thats another blow to freedom. Freedom guaranteed under the Constitution. A Constitution filled with holes. You don't need to be Tiger to hit a hole-in-one for this!

Just a few months back, I had a very meaningful chat with a friend of mine. He isn't M'sian and I'm quoting his words(ya, I still remember) so don't tell me that I'm not a Muslim and not supposed to even bring up such a sensitive topic. That friend of mine is the so called 'Good Muslim' who doesn't need to be told when to pray, what food to avoid and how to blow up the Americans.

"My dad is a Muslim, my mum is a Muslim, I'm a Muslim. Hey, since when is Muslim genetically transferable? I don't care, I don't want to believe in this crazy religion, I like beer. Tell me J.C, why is this happening to me? I don't want to be a Muslim! "

Me: Don't ask me! Ask your god Allah! Why ask me? I don't care about what you believe or not lol! If you don't like it so much, just quit!

"I can do this in Japan, but once I'm back in my country, the police will kill me!"

Me: You make your own liquor in your backyard, you think the police actually gives a damn?

"If they don't know, then its ok. I wanna go to America to practice a new religion, if they let me in that is"

Me: If you don't bring a nuclear bomb along, let them do a full body 'harassment' on you, stay in the prison for a few years for being an Iranian trying to find a new life in America, then you might succeed!

".......I'll stay in Japan and pretend to be a Turkish, otherwise I won't be allowed to enter clubs here"

Me: Good luck~~!

We actually covered a wider topic about Muslim rather than those few sentences. I must admit, with my limited knowledge and ignorance, I don't think I'd learn much. But I don't give much of a damn anyway.
So, theres a few shocking thing I learned, that M'sia is VERY strict about the Muslim religion. According to him, Iranians are way more secular then us! Yes, officially, Muslim is the only religion and unlike M'sia, alcoholic drinks is almost impossible to be found in the country(don't mention karaoke and clubs lol!) Surprisingly though, there those who went around this law by planting their own alcoholic stuffs at their own backyard(like my friend here!) According to him, Asahi Super Dry is better than homemade though :p

I asked him how ppl date in his country, and surprise surprise!
"You ppl can hold hands in M'sia and kiss right?"

Me: Ya, if you are not a Muslim, you can do that.
"Oh, in my place, we can't do that, so we do it all online. You go to some of those popular chat sites and try asking where they are from. Everyone will say I'm from Iran! We went high-tech, unlike America and Japan, we use technology!"

Me:How does the guys and gals meet then?
"We set a 'date' in a place like a shopping complex wearing a predetermined item/colour clothes, then we'll walk pass that spot a few times until we see each other"

Me: Then? Then?
"We walk past each other and pass a piece of paper with our photos, letters, and maybe a present"

Me: Damn, that actually sounds quite romantic if I live in the 1900's. You should use u know, those birds called pigeons(goes on explaining what a pigeon is).
"Nah, no need for that, I'm in Japan now J.C! My Jap gf is great, in bed and in the clubs! I love her!"

Me: You lucky F%#ker!

NO Iranians, Americans and M'sians were harmed in the making of this conversation. My friend's family have recently migrated to Japan. No worries I hope!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Meet Big Boss!

Shi Han*Serious* : We'll leave at 3.30pm to catch the 4pm train! Don't let ppl wait for us ok!!
A few hours later~~
Shi Han*Smilling* : 4pm?! Kenot la.
Don't you just love being a M'sian? :)

Ok, we weren't actually too late. Still have to wait for the VVVIP to arrive. Everyone just waiting anxiously for someone to just say "Ok, you can eat now!" LOL!

They came, they talked, I don't remember shit!!

See how long I've talked! I'm sweating like crazy! I'll take off my clothes. Who cares? I'm not in Japan for nothing!

5-Star, most expensive in Osaka, so good that every VVIP who comes to Osaka comes here. I guess 5 stars also means that they can count up till' the 5th word only huh? U think I'm crabbing? Guess whats their hotel name?
See! No 6th word!
p.s. If any RRH people is reading this, I'm seriously interested to work as a spelling 'corrector' in your hotel chain. I'm a SPM qualified student with 20 years of Manglish under my belt, speaks in perfect jabber and, with an expensive e-dictionary, able to correct almost any spelling errors that your hotel had/may make. Come on! Give me a shot! (Don't bother if its anything less than 300,000 a month)

Our PM is just a star for that night. Take pictures here, take pics there, sign here, sign there, shake here, shake there.

See, see! All this 'jakuns' haven't seen a PM before...I've shook hands with him a few years back dee lo! And for your info, when I was in Langkawi 2 months ago, I saw Mahathir ok! We were dining the same restaurant somemore! Ok, he was dining, I'm was just 'eating wind'....but still better than nothing right!

Talking about expensive hotels, this is interesting! I mean its just moving a 80kg bathtub out of a hotel, how hard can it be?!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Year Of The 3quel

Sorry for being absent for a long time. I just didn't have the mood(and will) to write during my trip back up till today. Maybe I'm growing tired of all this?

Cut that away, I'm starting my blog after a long hiatus with a few movies I've been anticipating. 2007 is officially a moviegoers years since there are tons of new(thats actually interesting) movies. Heres what I'm waiting for:

3 in a row, 3 times without fail, I got to watch spiderman on the 1st day its being premiered. 1st of May, it was for Japan. I'd used to complain about how slow movies are being premiered in Japan and how by that time its premiered, its actually available in to be downloaded. Not this time its not!

This show is much better than Spidey 1 & 2 cos theres more to the eyes now. Better special effects, Gwen Stacy(berry pretty), a twisty ending and also Gwen Stacy. Enough said, if you haven't watch this movie yet(I doubt it though), run to your nearest cinema NOW!

Release Date: 1st May 2007

Johnny Depp is back for this (supposedly) final climatic swashbuckler movie this spring. Anticipate more slapstick humors from him which never fails to impress the whole cinema. I'm still truly amazed how he could be so carefree yet manage to be the most wanted dead in the entire film. If only I could live such an interesting life after a few bottles of rum!
Orlando Bloom? Nah! I'd rather see how our god of gambler kick ass in this film! Go 'Tou San'!
Release Date: 25th May 2007

I've watched Shrek in the cinema, watched Shrek 2 in the cinema TWICE, and I'm hoping I don't do anything stupid for Shrek 3. Why I like it so much? Well, unlike most Disney animations, this doesn't have any 'childish moral of the story' towards the end. Instead, theres lots and lots of unsangkarable(unimaginable) parodies, straight forwardly simple storyline, yet smart enough to make everyone smiling like that donkey throughout the entire film. Nothing stupid like watching it only once in the cinemas ok!
Release Date: 30th June 2007

Ok, this isn't actually a 3rd sequel or even any sequel. This is my childhood dream cartoon turn ing into a full blast action-sci fi movie. To see my favourite F-22 Raptor transforming(hence the name) into a killer robot is more than enough to set me a date with this movie. However, I'm a lil sceptical about cartoon adapted movies, usually, the storyline is either way out of the original version, or too similar to be creative. Spidey did it, so I guess I'll just have to check it out to know!
Release Date: 4th August 2007

What are the odds of getting even? 13 to one
I was so close about forgetting this show. It did badly during the 2nd part, but 13 isn't always a bad number, so I'm giving their exceptional cast a chance. Since this is also the final part of the 'oceans' trilogy, why not?The 3 most suave guys in the entire trilogy. *No matter how 'cute' you girls think Brat Pitt is, PLZ don't watch Babel, PLZ!!*
Release Date:11th August 2007

Yatta! This isn't actually a movie, but I'm including it exclusively in this post cost this TV series is really-really good! Most of the guys I know have heard about it, but let me talk about it still.
If you have guessed it from the tittle, peoples across the globe discover that they have extraordinary abilities, from the cheerleader who realizes she is invincible, to the office worker who can bend space and time. These strangers are discovering they are meant for something bigger....
If you think this is about mutants in fancy costumes, or sexy/handsome ppl trying to save the world(think X-men), then you are absolutely wrong! And unlike most 'black & white' show of good versus evil, this is absolutely gray(not gay!) It emphasizes on human emotions, and questionable acts in order to safe the future. I tell you, this show is soo good, that at this current moment, I'm 101% hooked to its idea and concept. No more hours of never ending 24 series, or dead bodies in CSI, or even calling a show Prison Break when its obvious they are already out. This show is totally ori! I'm not alone here, I have millions of Americans(and my sis's bf) to support what I've just said.
If you've taken my word for it, prepare tons of junk foods, a comfy bed/sofa, lock your door, and remember to go to the toilet. Once you've started, you'd thank me! And remember "Save the cheerleader, safe the world!"

Something to get you started...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Buzzing up!

Another long hiatus and another year to go;
Stay tuned, and don't go,
Winter is gone, and summer is near;
This is gonna be 1 hell of a year!!

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Penang!! Here I come baby!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Theory Of Jeremitivity

I'm still having my finals this week, I've inserted so much till its kinda saturated now. Now, let me heat up my brain so I can add in more info~~

Theory of Jeremitivity has 3 main laws

1.Deutsch ist nicht Englisch! Deutsch ist nicht Japanisch! Deutsh ist eine muhe in der Esel!
This is how we say it out in English :
" I like to go to school"

How we say it in 日本語:
(I school to go like)

And for Deutch:
"Ich gern nach Schule fahrt"
(I like to school go)

"In the 1st law of Jeremitivity, if your teacher says that your grammar is bad, its not your fault, don't blame yourself for being lazy & ignorant, its just that your are born in the wrong country using the wrong language."

2.der Bierkrug, die Hut, das Dorf
Der for man, Die is for woman, Das is for no lifes!
Manly things:
Your Vater(father), Supermarkt(Supermarket), Geldbeutel(Wallet), Diamant(Diamond)
Girly things:
Your Mutter(Mum), Uhr(Watch), Prufung(Exams!), Kirche(Church), Bank(Bank)
Worterbuch, Buch, Heft(Books! Books! Notebooks!), Geld($)

"2nd law of Jeremitivity states thats theres a sex for every items in this world. However, just stripping/tearing/undress it would not 'reveal' its true identity. You need to use some simple imaginations to get it right.
a)Things like shopping, diamonds are simply inseparable from girls, this is cos those things are guys! Girly things on the other hand, seems to interest guys more! No comments on exams though!
b)IF so happens that 2 or more items of a different sex get mixed into 1, (exp: diamond watch), the latter will be the dominant sex regardless of the former.
c)Ppl who are purely interested in $ rarely gets real love(according to 99% of the movies). BEWARE!! Those who study too much suffers the same fate!
d)Do you know that your finger is a guy & your nose is a girl...I bet you know why sticking your finger in your nose in public isn't encouraged huh!

It is proven that:

according to the proverb "TIME IS GOLD", and since GOLD = MONEY, we can assume that

since MONEY is the root of all EVIL,

theory is proven!
3rd law of Jeremitivity states that you should never completely trust whatever you see or hear, especially this post which is defined with a 1/с% of reliability. (c: speed of light constant)
I don't mean to hurt any of the gals feelings out there, it is invented by a guy who go dumped by his gf after taking all his $$....thats NOT me!

Ok, back to my studies!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Every Year Got Fish!

Another CNY, another "What am I supposed to eat tonight?". Celebrating CNY far away from your beloved family must be really super nice once in a year special meals & no gambling(not enough kaki for Tai Tee now, but I'm expecting a Chinese junior next year...hehe...hope he is the corrupt type, otherwise, I'll just turn him into 1). Worse of it though, is that I'll be having my major exam on precisely the 3rd day of CNY. Means while millions are celebrating with their friends & family, I'll have to nerd through my text books alone in my room. Haih, why must Japs change from Lunisolar to Gregorian calender? Otherwise I'll be celebrating it together with them!

Looking at the bright side, I will be going back to M'sia really soon now(15 days n counting!) Can't make it for reunion dinner, Chap Goh Meh also will that time, most of the hawker stalls would have their price reverted back to normal, usually with the sudden drop in chicken prices cos of over production(Happens every year in Penang) Besides that, I have a strong feeling that a few of my friends will still be in Penang at that time.

I've been anticipating Petronas adds for every festive season since I got over to Jap 2 years ago. It didn't mean anything to me while I was still living in M'sia, but after a 2 year stint here, I can truly understand the meaning of spending time with those who you really care(not forgetting the gambling part!) Petronas theme for this year is about going back to our kampung to celebrate CNY with our gramps who we have left living alone for the whole year. It really made me kampungsick for not only being far away, but the fact that the 'kampung' I grew up with is no longer there physically....only ashes & fond memories of my best childhood remains. For those who still have their gramps, remember this 'You won't miss until its gone'. Don't do what I have done, cherish the moments especially for this coming CNY!

Ok, I'm not typing anymore, celebrating CNY alone in my room while posting about how much I miss my childhood days isn't gonna help with my exam results! So to all of guys out there, have a wonderful time with your family, stay safe, get tons of angpau & gamble your hearts out! Its the year of the Boar now, so for the 1st 15 days of CNY, forget about dieting, theres 350 days more for you to accomplish that! Spaghetti for reunion dinner anyone?


Friday, February 09, 2007

omg! I broke my leg?

It happened 5 days ago in the worst board-related accident I've ever had. It is kinda fuzzy to me now, all I remembered that day was that there was very little snow, I see a lot of kids skiing around me, I lost control of my snowboard while trying to change direction and *WHAMP!* 4 fences was torn down & a bulldozer greeted me :)

Fearing that I might turn out like Christopher Reeves, I immediately gave my hands some shaking and my neck some twisting.....ok, everything is fine. Tried moving my right leg, it responded, tried lifting my left 1 but felt nothing. Immediately, I had my snowboard removed while checking to make sure that I'm sitting on a safe spot and not in the middle of the deadly path. Tried moving my left leg this time and OUCH! It hurt so badly I almost cried(but decided not to cos I don't want any commotions) Fortunately for me, my short stint as a scout really helped. I gave myself a simple body check and nothing seems to be out of place.

Decided that I can't do much sitting there, I boarded down the rest of the hill hoping to get some rest down at the resting area. Immediately after reaching though, I had a change in mind & did the thing I wasn't even supposed to think of....I took the lift back up, up to the starting point again. I must admit, I was half limping t that time, but my brain doesn't seem to mind when theres still the slightest willpower left inside. At the peak, a few horrified looking friends who saw what happened asked if I'm ok...."No, I'm not ok, my leg hurts like hell now! Now, can you move away plz, you are blocking my way down!" With that, I completed only 5 more trips up and down the hill cos of time constrain.

The funniest things for me, is that a few who witnessed my fall only slided down was their 1st time, so I guess my fall must have scared the living hell out of them. Well, too bad, it hurt a lot at that time, but its just not me to give up like that! This was when I found out something I've always suspected to be true....before this, doing something I want usually involves money, logistic & some guts. At that moment however, even with the prospect of a broken bone looming around the corner didn't stop me. I proved that the bull inside me must be 'stubborn' like the 1 in KLSE right now. When I wanna do something badly, I'll do it no matter what!

Well, walking was a chore on the 1st day, but on the 2nd, it wasn't that bad anymore, by the 3rd day however, thinking that its alright now, I decided to do some 'exercise'...Big mistake, cos the 'pin poking at my knee' sensation can be felt again...badly! Made another mistake for playing football during PE(albeit relegated to a defender only!) Its the 5th day now but I'm still not sure if I have any cracked bones. I don't think I'll find out or want to find out. Don't need some doc to advise me to rest more, avoid this food, bla bla bla....worst of all if I need to have my leg covered in Plaster of Paris! No way!(You can pierce my skin, stuff me a mouthful of medicines, but not take my freedom away!)

I'll just trust my body for now while making sure no 'unfamiliar' lumps appear(sign of broken bones) Hope its just a twisted knee and nothing more, I still wanna run around when I'm back in M'sia. Anyway, anyone wants anything from Jap? Sookie the 'tak tau malu punya cha bor' already asked for 2 mags called 'Ageha'. Don't be malu, just shoot!

p.s. I didn't get my pictures from my friend, but since her sis was with us the last time, you can stalk her post about the trip here, here, here, here, here & here
A word of warning, the amount of pics are enuf to make Cheesie & Xiaxue both jealous! Now, don't say I didn't warn you...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Born To Have Fun!

Happy New Year to everyone out there! I've finally found the time & energy to start posting but since I'm in a serious shortage of photos, this would have to do till I get it from my friends. A short introduction of what was the BEST moment in my life.

The monstrous rain & snow

The energetic faces of those long time no see friends and some new ones too.

3 days of non-stop skiing/boarding, falling, lift riding under extreme chillness~~

The tiredness after all that.

The shopping done.

The Oohs & Aahs about Tokyo.

The celebration at the embassy.

My first time in Universal Studio theme park....

And more! Hope I get those pictures as soon as possible so you ppl can see the crap I'll be posting...till then, everybody say hi to Snowman ver 2.0! (say its ugly and 13 ppl will kick your ass!)