Saturday, October 28, 2006

Learnu Igurisu You Wanto?

1 1/2 years in Japan. If I still don't get it that the Japs are making fun of us from the English speaking world, then I'm really dumb! I do get this feeling that they do know to write it properly, but they just decided to play with some 'Igirisu' humor. Some are pretty straight foward, some are hidden, some just mind boggling. Don't get me again? Have fun!

I know your restaurant serves good food and have some decent waitress. But if you sincerely want me to call you back for a chat, at least leave a phone number on the receipt. Even better, give us your staffs hp no la. For those who can't read Japanese, a 1st look at this piece of receipt might feel like I've called a 'befriender' type of call-site for some 'oral treatment' and got charged 700yen for it!

I took picture just outside the ferry terminal connecting Hiroshima College to mainland Japan. Make sense why my English language is deteriorating so rapidly. I'm now facing the same problem I'm facing in kindergarden, spelling! With another language, German up in my cerebrum, every letter and word formations are all jumbled up like a bowl of alphabetical soup. Even official signboards aren't helping! Know what the Jap government should do? Fine them 100.000yen for every mistake, like what our M'sia goberman is enforcing instead of catching daytime robbers or part-time rempits!

Ok, here is a quiz:
Are there monkeys in the forest or not?

Yes! Time to unleash my wrath at my English teacher who I have argued for the past few weeks for giving me low marks for scoring high marks. He did it on purpose! He dared to ask me to participate more during English lessons while I've been keeping my mouth shut all this while to protect his own ego!(and his grammar mistakes)

Look at question 25. Lets say I've only watched the trailer a few times but not the actual movie. What answer should best fit that question? Of course its the WTC right! No, according to him, its ANYTHING but the WTC. Why? Because it no longer exists.

J.C: But sir(a PFS lingo for addressing male teachers), isn't it stated that this question is suppose to refer to the movie? In the movie preview you showed us last week, its all about the WTC.

Kanazawa: No, I'm not talking about the preview, its about the movie. Since the movie isn't out(in Japan) & none has watched it yet, I'll assume that anything goes. Except for the WTC cos its no longer there.

J.C: HAR?? WTF!! Like this also can arr? I should have told him I've downloaded the movie illegally and Nicholas Cage is the what New York is famous for! WTF!

In the end, I decided not to argue anymore cos 99% of the class got it right for writting something other than the WTC. Except for me & the Kenyan guy, for reading the instructions thoroughly and 'misintepreted' his question. Anyway, I still scored the highest for that paper, WTF!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Takoyakis & Clubs

Paa-thay! See the balls? That what we call Takoyaki! Tako=Octupus & Yaki=grill, so takoyaki means grilled balls filled with octopus inside. See how BoOlaT it is? Well, its no suprise that its my favourite food here in Jap. I don't know much about the origin of this dish, but Osaka is extremely popular with it and Osaka is sooo near my place so...(You get my point)
This time, a few Japs decided to have a takoyaki party to celebrate our school sports day(Nice excuse to have a party :p) One of them have some experience in making them so he sponsored this unique frying pan while we just need to pay for the ingredients.
Making your own takoyaki is actually very easy though, just mix in some flour, some eggs, stirr it well & then pour it in the frying pan. Then add in the sliced octopus and wait. Roll it a few times with a toothpick to make it round and Whola!

Like any parties in Japan, its never complete without a few cans of beers and liqours. There was a Henessy V.S.O.P but its not in the pic. Didn't drink too much though, cos I still have my volleyball competition & my blood donation drive the next day. Don't wan't any sick person to be infused with my alcoholic blood. After he get hypertention then susah!

Namba, Osaka
If beer wasn't enough, we(the aliens in Japan) decided to hit a club to celebrate the end of sports day(Ok, I made that up) After 1 1/2 years here, this is my only 2nd time going to a club lol! I couldn't blame anyone though. All of my classmates are 18 or 19 which in accordance to Japanese law, is still forbidden to drink any alcoholic drinks what more patron a club. So its usually more of a spontanous event. Can't plan ahead cos we aliens are suprisingly bz with all sorts of works. We went to the club at 12 midnight and see how deserted it is.....bad signs ahead?

Being all tuned up to club, its suprising that some even ordered COKE!? Lol! I'm suprised on how they are able to dance with their heads straight. No 'high' feeling = stiff robotic dance. I took a totally unknown drink called Bombay Saphire and guess how it tasted? So bitter that I bought a can of Heineken to wash down the bitterness. The liqour might sound cool, but I ain't ordering it anymore! I'll keep in mind to ask for something smoother to the troat & tongue the next time!

By 2.00am, this place is sorta packed with aliens just like myself! The most impressive moment was when a bunch of Saraphova looking Russian gals walking in from the front entrance. Every guy in the club had their necks turned towards them like a bunch of hungy tigers staring at a deer. Must admit though, they are really HOT! 100%! Wow! Anyone has Boon Chye's no in Moscow? Gimme gimme! Too bad I was dancing and they left a few hours later before I got the chance to take their photos....At around 4am, everyone was either gone and those left are all *couple-couple* with newfound romance.

Except the 3 of us...haih...sad! Anyway, I did have a nice time even if I'm gonna crash on my bed once I get back to my hostel. Fook Hee wasn't really satisfied cos there aren't too many gals throughout the entire night. We left at 5am and took the earliest train back. There were 6 of us when we went to the club, but that Kenyan guy was the most successful in his hunt so we left without him. Shi Han is those 'kuai kia' type of guy so as usual he didn't go clubbing with the rest.

I'll be having a school trip to Nagoya in 2 weeks time. If god permits, I'll be going to another club(the best in Japan) in Nagoya with a few of my Jap friends. Hope they can get through the security as they are still underaged. Fingers crossed! Have fun!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I see blur...

A little peek at my messy room during report assignment weeks. See the poster on the wall? I like it so much that I bought it without looking at the price...ended up burning a hole in my wallet.

This particular day however, was the best!I feel like I'm in Genting except that I'm here doing my report instead of riding an exciting corkscrew roller-coaster.

Look at the time....hardworking huh? Not really, slept too early the night b4.

Nice weather ahead too! Welcome cold, bye bye hot!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Simplicity Is The Name

Time: A week ago (1am~4am)
Place: London

Scene 1:
I was out overnighting with a few friends in a old shady house somewhere. There were around 4 shadowy person, 1 Superman and me. We decided to do something challenging this holiday so we rented a haunted house and try out our 'luck' locating any ghosts.

I was brushing my teeth together with Superman in a small bathroom with a huge vase filled with water in the middle. Its very early in the morning if I'm not wrong. Then, we got lucky! A face appeared on 1 of the walls! Its a ghost all right! An angry 1 too!

Scene 2:
We were all running(Superman can't seem to fly) away from a bunch of 'Resident Evil' zombies chasing behind. Rushed inside the Big Ben and the zombies stopped chasing. According to the news, everyone was infected and the streets are now filled with swarms of mindless zombies looking for us! Lost, cold, hungry, we hid inside one of the rooms in the Big Ben.

Time: 4.15am~5.30am
Place: In a lecture hall

Scene 1:

I got a card and signed it. Before me, there are another 6 more signatures on it. I passed it to a girl beside me but she refused to sign. I remembered asking her "Why Not?" but she just shook her head seriously. I then told her this : "You are beautiful, why won't you sign it?". She took a pen....

Time: 5.30am~7.30am
Place: In an unknown desert

Scene 1:
A man with a walking stick was carrying this huge stone on his back and planted it in the soft sands. He was murmuring something when all of a sudden I yelled "Jesus! Look out!"

Scene 2:
The stone that Jesus planted was stolen! I was to retrieve it back in an unknown destination with the help of 3 dinasours. I said goodbye to my dad and rode on top of the baby dinasour. (The other 2 are adult T-Rex) Halfway during the recovery mission, we were attacked by a pack of shadows from the front. We defeated them kinda easily but since we were slowed down, we decided to move it asap.

Time: 7.30am
Place: My Bed
Scene 1:
My alarm clock rang!

3 dreams in 1 night. I woke up shivering after the 1st dream, all hot after the 3rd dream. Suprisingly, I don't feel tired at all even after waking up so many times for the entire night. Instead, I took the opportunity to write down my dream on a piece of paper before I completely forget about it.

Dream 1 is kinda normal to me already. I've been having zombie/ghost dreams quite often but its always in a different place and timeset. It could be the past, present or years into the future. However, Superman is a new cast in my dreams though. Too bad he is useless and can't fly like what he is supposed to. Just that uniform he is wearing indicates that he is Superman(I'm gonna question him if I meet him again.)

Dream 2 is kinda wierd. I rarely have girls in my dreams not to mention saying the word "You are beautiful" to her so openly lol! I know this girl in my reality but won't be mentioning her name here of course!

Dream 3 is also different from my other 'mission dreams' as it involved Jesus! Wow! Jesus in my dreams? Gonna ask him about Buddha the next time. Are they good friends? Are they playing this silly game called 'losers kena thiak kuku chao'?

Stay tuned for the answer! :p

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Online games do more good than harm

Thats whats written on the star online today(8/10/2006). I couln't agree more! Whats so bad about online gaming anyway? It hurts my eyes a little after 16 hours of playing, but at least it doesn't cause lung cancer or make my brains spill all over the road. Seriously, I do think that playing online games(better known as MMORPG) is much 'safer' compared shopping or even jogging around. Why? With the amount of rape/thief/murder cases in M'sia, what better than to have your own kids sitting around at home nerding at the comp instead of risking his/her life in a world filled with nutcases.

"If parents think playing online games is bad, they should honestly ask themselves what they did as youths to entertain themselves when there were no computer games,” said Jeffery Wong, 31, a cybercafe owner" <---He is a CC owner, of course he'll say this!
-The Star Online-

Even if you go to cybercafes for your daily 'fix', its definately safer there compared to the silent garden which might be haunted with ghost or orang gila. I get news that some parents in the US are so addicted to WoW that they left their child to starve to death. A few China guys also died of starvation cos they played WoW for days non-stop! Unlike other countries like the US or China, there hasn't been any stories of ppl dying from too much MMORPGs in M'sia yet. Our CCs have long since solved this problem with starvation with the wide variety of foods raging from hot karipaps, nasi lemaks to bags of chips and canned drinks. Starvation? We are not like the US or China ok! We are a 1st world country!

“If kids are learning how to earn money by pursuing their interest, their parents should be proud of them instead!” said Leon Jalleh, 27, ANOTHER cybercafe operator.
-The Star Online-

Talking about that, I could have made some money out of my MMORPG avatar. A lvl 62 warrior with 1.2 billion gold coins(I toiled days and nights for it) could have fetched about US$250 in the market now. Thats like RM1000! I'm not joking! Thats the max price I've seen in some forums where ppl are bidding like crazy. However, instead of selling it away, I gave my account to a friend of mine in Philipines for free. I'm crazy I know, but I'd rather have someone I trust rather than some richkid Turk having a char with my nickname on it. Its a win-win situation though, he still updates me about my chars advancement while I can rid myself of this addiction for sure!(No more avatar=no more addiction)

Finish babbling about all the 'positive' stuffs about MMORPG, this is very-very funny:

"Youth and Sports Ministry Deputy Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai said too many youths are spending so much time in cyber cafes indulging in activities that were non-productive. Liow said the ministry wanted to limit the time that youths could spend playing games at cyber cafes. One of the methods suggested was introducing games that penalise gamers by deducting points if they played longer than a set number of hours. " -The Star-

HAHAHAHa! IS the ministry STUPID or something? Intoduce a game which penalises people for playing too long?! Who on earth is gonna play that game then? What company would wanna make a game like that? Is this the best they can conjure up? Even my mum could have thought of something better like "Take a 3 layered rotan and whack your kid until he/she starts to limit MMORPGs to 3~4 hours a day". My dad would have an even better idea like "Just cut of the internet everytime their results turn bad". Simple, easy and effective ways :p

Personally, I do think that online games really does more good than harm with a big IF. IF you can limit it to 3~4 hours daily. Its easier said than done. IF you can't control yourself, then don't even try to start. I'd be freaking hard to get rid of it once it gets stuck to your body & soul. Take it from a guy who is going through rehabilitation...Don't have to go to drugs to know how it feels lol! So, if there are some challenging spirits who still wanna to try out MMORPGs no matter what, heres a tip:
80%++ of MMORPG players are guys. Make a girl avatar and when asked, ALWAYS say that you are a 16 year old girl who starts playing cos you wanna forget about the pain of breaking up with your BF. In less than 2 hours, I'd bet you'll get tons of cash/items flowing in your inventory!
Another reason why I quitted online games....its a crazy place filled with ppl who have problem with their own sexual preferences! Yucks!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Things J.C Wanna Share

Another hurrah! My examination is unoficially over after 6 days it was officially over!Don't get me? Neither do I! So I'm sitting down facing this comp with nothing much to do before resuming my exercise which I have skipped for almost 3 weeks in another 3 hours time. With all my mails checked (why did we stop that chain mail? Where is that Gary who is supposely free to mail everyday? Jason & Chris, if u guys are reading this, where the heck have u guys gone? At least I can still see Sookie lurking around at wierd hours)

Fortunately, I could live through my predictable life with a few entertainments once in a while. It doesn't sound much, but the internet itself just isn't that interesting anymore. I'v read through almost every page about 'war' in, some popular blogger's entire archive, place an order in just for the fun of clicking & watched tons of youtube's MTV....theres nothing much I can do anymore. These little extras really saved my life!

One of the best, which I once dispiced, is Penang Hokkien Podcast. Irritating at 1st, but once you get used to the loud annoying laughing voice of the host, Miku John, listening to it will be very enlightening & OF COURSE funny! Laughed so much I almost rolled on the floor if it not because that my room is too small for such a space abuse. Their topics are really very simple & typical everyday life of the Chinese comunity in Penang(ghost encounters, FOODS!, gods, fastivals, bees & birds stuffs etc...) There isn't any censorship so all the foul words just keep flying out like nobody's business. The girls are also suprisingly, very good at it lol! For those Penangese living abroad, this is a MUST unless you think that Hokkien is too 'cheap' for you upper classers. You need i-tunes for a weekly auto-download or visit their official site here to download it manually.

BoA, BoA, BoA, her songs lighten up even the darkest days of my life. Irony though, her introduction to me was marked as one of the 'darker' parts of my life :p. Contrary to what most ppl believe, I didn't buy her songs because she is cute or pretty. In a matter a fact, I don't think that she is all that pretty/cute compared to other Jap singers like Ayumi or Sawajiri Erica. Above average? Definately!, but I didn't buy her singles just to stare at her lol! Its her songs & MTVs that I enjoy the most! Ever since listening to her 1st Japanese album 'Love and Honesty', I'm practically hooked to her eastern fused upbeat songs and dances. Ya, I forgot to mention, I really like singers who can also dance, its like they got this aura of elegance with them. With dance, I don't mean Shakira's belly/boob shaking moves or any slo-mo dances though. BoA has this pattern of realeasing her singles. Its always an interval of fast paced music about anything but Love and slower Love songs. This pic here is her latest album to be realeased early Nov. And...err...since this single's MTV is out, I...err...illegally downloaded it 2 days ago. Before any recording company wants to sue me, let me state it clearly that I'll definately delete the MTV after I get my hands on the CD+DVD. I have placed a booking for the single through Amazon weeks ago. I only support piracy until ori comes out....what to do, can't blame me cos her songs are too nice right?
The MTV is nicely situated on the left side of my blog now.

Finally, theres I'm 1 1/2 years here and I just found out a way to listen to this radio station through the internet recently. My firefox didn't have the plugins required so it just didn't load no matter what I did. Finnaly, I actually resorted into using IE to listen to the 'Malaysia's No.1 Hit Station'. Fortunately, the morning crew is stil as funny as ever! I don't have any doubts that this is INDEED the most listened to radio station in Malaysia. Its not the latest hitz that make this station interesting, its how they parody songs, play prank calls on the listener that truely make this station shine through the rest! Not to mention that their prizes and gifts are superb! Too bad I'm staying in Japan...I remember when I was in PPKTJ, whenever the cue-to-call was announced, Randy and me would stop whatever we were doing, and starts stabbing our poor phone's keypads over & luck then though...They came to PFS once too! Too bad I wasn't able to stop-by cos I was rushing home for tuition..what a waste!

3 things I wouldn't wanna be parted with anytime soon. They kept me company till the wee hours while studying(don't play Penang Hokkien Podcast at that time though, you don't wanna scare your neighbours!). Since exams are over....I'm gonna go out n start looking for something else to entertain me...really feel like buying an Xbox360...can Microsoft plz realease Halo3 ASAP!?

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I just spoilt my mood by reading Another racial thing stirring up in an irrelevant blog entry. Just great! Ok, now back to my life...

Exams are over like 4 days ago.....nah, just joking! My stupid teacher decided that 4 days break after 2 weeks of crazy study till 3am/burning the midnight petrol is too much so he decided to have another exam on Monday! GREAT! There goes my life!

Anyway, the tittle above could easily describe what I've been through for the past two weeks. I've been lagging behind badly for the past few months becauce of my game addiction so it took me 2 weeks of not so last minute preparation in order to survive this examinaion's onslaught. Practically studied/did my homework till 3.30am while waking up at 7am every freaking day!

And if that isn't bad enuf, I have to suffer from stomach cramps and lau sai! For some unknown reason, everytime I start my tedious 3~4 hours sleep program, my stomach gets upset & decideds to go on strike to protest for the insufficient rest. Its just refuses to absorb the nutriens & instead, just passes everything right to my bowel to be flushed away! What a disobedient organ! The exam pressure didn't help abit. This problem ended right after my exams was over(miraculously lol) However, yesterday, I woke up at 5.30am even though I slept at 2am not feeling a little tired. My body have adapted to it already I guess?

Ya, talking bout health, 1 of my worst nightmares just happened. Someone has stolen my identity in Japan! I receive this letter informing me that my medical insurance have paid my 25000yen(RM800) medical fees! WTF! I didn't even fall sick once and I was told that I visited a clinic in Osaka for 4 times with each time costing RM200~RM300. That SOB took my identity to receive discounts(20~50% paid by MY medical insurance!!!). If I need to fork out more for my insurance premium next year because of this, I'm really gonne F**K that clinic. I have proof cos my health insuran card(needed when you wanna claim the insurance) is with me & there isn't a single 'JC telah melawat klinik XXX' stamped on it. Guess what, this happened during my examination week somemore! This problem is currently handled by the hostel's office. If they couldn't do anything, I'm gonna go to the city council and maybe file a police report against the particular clinic. Jason, Ben! Help me with a lawsuit!

Anyway, back to some lighter news, there is this new shopping complex which just had its doors opened in Osaka a week ago. Its called Namba Marui, which in direct Manglish translation, is called Namba's BoOlat. Its the latest & trendiest department stall targetting those young brats who are deprived for a way to spend their hard earned parents money(macam aku lol!). 7 floors dedicated for gals, 2 floors for guys(hey! not fair!) and the best part? A 9 screen cineplex!!! Yeh! This is what I've been waiting for! A movie in Osaka never felt this good! For a fee of 1000yen(RM35), I get to watch 2 month old Hollywood movies!!YEH! I'm really happy!(I'm really really happy) Another better news? I got 'wind' that a new shopping complex will be built near my place! Wow! I'm gonna go pokai if they manage to get it built before I grad from this college.

Thats all thats important to me for the past few weeks. Can't wait for it to start snowing! Snowboarding, skiing, snowman making, snowball fight...why couldn't there be a country like M'sia with only 1 season but its winter whole year long? I'm gonna love it!