Sunday, April 23, 2006


Happy Birthday To Me,
Happy Birthday To Me,
Happy Birthday To Meee...
Happy Birthday To Me!

I'm 21 dee! OMG! Living a life as a 'young man'...can't go to playgrounds without being stared,can't play Pokemon cards without the whole neighbourhood knowing about it, and having no GF when you are this age is definately gonna freak my mum out! HAPPY B'DAY ME!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I can't imagine this! 2 months since the last time I blogged. I didn't wanna blog in M'sia cos every second counts. And even though I am back in Japan for quite sometime, I just lost that need to write anymore. Just don't have that mood to type anything. I rather just sit down & do nothing staring at an empty desktop screen than to type.....

Anyway, how does my new blog skin look? I think that the old skin was a little too dark after sometime, so decided to 'lighten' it up abit. The template & layout didn't change much though, don't really wanna spend too much time doing this cos i just prefer to stare at a blank screen for no brain is going crazy dee!

Ok, a little intro about my life as the 4th year student in Nara National College Of Technology. I'm now staying on the 2nd floor of my hostel, which segregates me from the rest of the foreign students! Felt a little wierd in the beginning, cos I have to control my speakers from going full blast and I can't go next door for a chat or 2 with Fook Hee or Shi Han anymore.....well, thats actually the only difference lol! Cos now, instead, I got a few 5th year Japs coming to my room for a chat! We even drank beer together last friday!

School, however, is VERY different! Most of my engineering subs are like twice as more, more reports coming, class until 4.15pm everyday(why isn't there any sembahyang Jumaat here? I really miss that lol!) and another scary fact: THE MOST SOB TEACHER IS NOW TEACHING ME FOR 4 HOUS A WEEK!!! I don't know what the hell is he teaching, and the best fact of all, he craps for 3 3/4 hours before he even starts the teaching! I'm just praying that I can get some sort of help with this sub before I fail!

Classmates here are now treating me almost as an equal longer that 'stranger from Mars', I can kacau anyone I like anytime I like! My classmates are more like my form 4 friends in PFS, having a unique diversity of gangs, but each gang suprisingly goes very well with 1 another. I was wrong the last time about the 'ah beng' and 'nerd' clans being 2 worlds apart! That was just my 1st impression. Also, with my Jap language getting better, joking & understanding them is much more "Har? Can you repeat that again plz..."(What a lame way to destroy a good joke!)

I'm crapping alot in this blog cos I'm free now....getting bored of my online game dee....tired of talking to other players in Turkish(I've learnt a few words dee.."Aga" is "Hi" in Turkish) Tired of meeting with a bunch of kids playing this game asking me(in Turkish) to give them this item, that armor, donate a few million coins...NoNoNo!! Which part of my rouge character writes that word "Generous Donator Here! Come and get free items" As for the rest, I'm just bored, I told myself to start studying harder so as to qualify for a scholarship to a Uni in Japan, socialize more(Lonely lol!), and don't spend so much money!(I fell that its my responsibility to start supporting my family after my dad's retirement).

My nearest aim now is how to celebrate my b'day...24TH APRIL OK!! REMEMBER THIS U PPL! Write it down! What should I do? Go shopping and buy something expensive like last year?(Can't, will break rule:Don't spend so much money), or just stay at my hostel eating cakes? Maybe I wanna try making myself my own cake, heard from a not so new found friend of mine from S'pore that Gary is a master chef and makes good cakes....wanna try out also la!

Ok, its 9.48pm now, should be doing some exercise now, but tomorrow got 1500m run, need all the energy for it...last record 6minutes 19 secs. I'm GONNA BEAT IT! Wish me luck!