Saturday, September 09, 2006

How Much Do You Love Your Parents?

How much do you love your parents? Ask a small kid in the past and he/she'll tell you "This much!" with both hands wide open. Ask a kid now and he/she'll say "To infinity, and beyond!" Ask a teen at any moment between year 0000 to 2006, he or she will ponder for 5 minutes and says "ok ok la....but my mum/dad arr ___!! & ___!! & ____!!!(fill in the blanks with your own 'buts') If I could make a graph out of it, the lowest point, dy/dx=0 would be just after you start to care about how you look until just before you get your car keys to freedom. Anywhere in between should be hell while anything after should be heaven(for you and for your parents)

So, how much do I love my parents? Since I'm out of my teens already, I do think I could appreciate(more like missing it) my parents nagging. I'm actually enjoying telling my parents that I did something stupid/bad/evil/not me so I could enjoy the little nag through the phone. Call me nuts, but I still do it whenever I'm free & my hp bill is too cheap for the month!

Ok, back to the question.How much? 10 Yes, its 10! Not out of 10, not out of 100 of course! But its 10kgs! Why 10 kgs? Well, thats how much I get from every parcel sent from my parents every 2~3 months once or so. 10kgs worth of love from my parents once in a few months is VERY satisfying for me.

10kgs of the best things in the world!

So, whats inside this box of 'love'? 1st, theres my 'latest edition' of Men's Health , Game Axis/PCGames(I'm a game freak) and a few pirated DvDs of my choice! I still love the M'sian edition of Men's Health cos theres less pictures of gals in very little cloth. Less pics=more information about anything I would wanna read. Not really interested in the 'Ah mohs' gals in it anyway. I'm the sticky rice type..Asians who just love Asians lol!

Then theres the spices from M'sia & NZ(Lamb Ragout is supa nice! Thanx 2nd aunt!), sardins and other fishies from M'sia. Notice a few cans of tuna in mayonnaise. Even though I could get those in Japan, I dislike the fact that its saltier and theres not much fish smell in it. Whats a tuna if theres no tuna smell?
And finally, the most precious of all! Hup Seng biscuits! Every delivery would not be complete without a few packets of this salty, cheap, 'but i cant live without it' biscuits! Yum yum! Its mine! Don't even dare to touch it! *slaps Fook Hee's hand as he approaches for it*

With all those stuffs I get, this is how my 'Entertainment cupboard' looks like after I placed everything in it.This is how my 'Study cupboard' looks like!

Then theres this problem with this latest 'Box of Love'. Like any mum who loves their kid, they tend to spoil your diet plans. No matter how many times I told my mum not to send me sweet things, she'll always say this
Mum: Why don't want?(sad voice on the phone), its just a box filled with (insert and unhealthy food here) only ma. I got it from a friend of a friend of a friend of mine. Your sis wouldn't eat this things so you take it la!
Me: Lol, I'm staying away from fattening stuffs & you still wanna get me these things? Give it to any friend of yours with kids la....
Mum: But....(She have already made up her mind)

So, in the end, I received a box filled with mini chipsmores. And as any other filial son, we wouldn't want to let our mum down or disapointed. So....
How much do you LOVE your parents?