Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nagoya (Holiday Day-2)

Guess what! You ppl would believe it if I tell u all that I`m overnighting here in a comic centre here in Japan...not me alone, but another 5 more of us....till tomorrow`s 6am before leaving to Kisarazu

Ok, let me start this blog from my 1st day onward....Well, I left my college hostel 2 days ago to another city called Nagoya. I managed to mee up with 1/2 of the total PPKTJ Chinese ppl there after an hour of waiting at the Nagoya station. Everyone seems be doing fine with their lives(I noticed Li jia got a little `plumier` compared to last time) and we did had a long talk about our college lifes and typical stuffs like missing home, wanting to eat M`sian food...blabla..

After chatting and walking around a Pokemon park near the station, Me, Boon & Chin Wooi dicided to split from the group because the 3 of us decided to sleep somewhere `free` while the rest wanted to play games in `round 1`(a game centre, U pay 1200 yen to play whatever games they have or sing karaoke), we left to Aichi Banpaku(The biggest expo in Jap currently)....and there, frustrating & crazy things started to happen!

When we reached the nearest train station to Aichi EXPO, we decided to overnight there as it is a superbly beautiful place with shower rooms included in the toilet...I managed to get my shower after 12 hours without any....was feeling good after the entire day of sweat and rain water(its the rainining season) However, that feeling didn`t last long as we were approached by a guard...and told us to leave that station! He told us that we are not allowed to stay there as he wanted to prevent any `terror` attacks....I know he meant something good, but hell!! We are no terrorists! I know I love war stuffs.. but for Christ sake! I don`t wanna bomb a stupid train station la!! And there is no rules stating that we can`t overnight there...even some of the other security gurads didn`t say anything! That 1 STUPID guard!

So, at 12 midnight under the rain, the 3 of us walked towards Aichi EXPO....we were actually fetched there by a supa kind heartered lady guard when we were half way walking...she was already good enough to allow us to use the toilet inside the train station she was in charged of closing. Then, after that, she was even kiinder to offer to bring us to the main entrance of Aichi EXPO in her car! Imagine this, a 30 year old lady offers to bring 3 guys she barely knows at 12.30am in her car? How much kinder can she get? It was a short journey but we managed to thank her soooo many times(we were MAD at all the guards before and now a guard offered us a ride in her car....damn grateful)

And guess what, at that place, we became in terms of lining up, because, at 2am onwards, a few Japs actually came and joined us in that dreadful place(we were sleeping on the tar road)....we didn`t talk much, was too tired and depressed after getting myself wet and being forced to sleep on the tar road instead of a nice bench at that station...A middle aged man was annoyed the he didn`t get the `1st placing`( a kiasu jap) and decided to wake the 3 of us just to ask us at what time did we started waiting....I was sleeping ok when he woke me up and I can`t sleep for the entire day!! How am I going to survive Aichi with just 2 hours of sleep??!!

So, at 9am, I am the 1st person to enter the EXPO for that day out of another 1-2 million ppl...was kinda `bangga` also...1 out of 1 I wished it was my studies! After my beg passed through the metal detector, it was pure running towards Toyota Hall(the most popular exhibition hall there....only about 10,000 ppl can enter in a day).

It was just an entire tiring day in Aichi cos we walked non-stop from 9am till myself a `nice` hotel afterwards(I will tell how nice is it later) and just slept till today, its already the 3rd day of my trip now when I typing 4.20am now(everyones sleeping except for me only!) Damn sleeping but don`t wanna sleep yeet, plan to sleep on my way to Kisarazu! Can say till today, alot of miracles just happened(another just happened 2 hours ago!)....3 days only but it felt like 1 week dee....just damn syok till now la! Too long to type all the details here!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Summer Trip minus 1 day!

YEAH!! Finally! The trip I've been waiting for such a long time(this trip was plan right after the GW holidays)and I'm finally getting that 'excitement' today....This is the 1st time I'm actully leaving the western regions of Japan and also 'should' be my only time going up north to Hokkaido because of the HUGE cost needed to plan such a tri!

I'm leaving to Aichi, Banpaku early tomorrow with every M'sian here in Nara including my special guess, Michael aka 'Lau Tar'....He will be at my place today(I'm typing this blog while waiting for his call) and will be overnighting at my room today(hope no molestation case tonight!) After that, I should be heading to Tokyo, then Nagano(to watch firecrackers...heard its a big 1 by Boon), Aomori and finally Hokkaido. Hope I managed to contact Kim Keat when we are there so at least we have a tour guide to show us around...

Don't know what to say dee...this might be my last blog for the next 2~3 weeks so, to those reading with you ppl some other week or so! Chowz!

Friday, July 22, 2005

A Long Day.....that means a long blog!

Today, Loke Eng and Yen Ling came to Osaka for a short 3 day visit....I din really know when they are coming until I heard it from Shi Han the night before only!(Maybe I din care much?) So, as the only few who lives close to Osaka, we are given the honour to bring both of them go jalan around while introducing them to all those 'interesting' places(not to me anymore) that most newcomers wanna see...

Yen Ling was sick today so both of them couldn't leave the hotel and visit the worlds biggest fish tank(I just knew that its the biggest in the world from an add) me, Fook Hee & Shi Han spent our time walking around an entire department stall(its kinda big) while waiting for them.....and I didn't fail to waste more money....guess what, I got a sd-card reader for laptop and a brand new sandals(its for the upcoming trip...thats why its a NECESSITY!) and there goes 6000 habits killing me!

In the evening, we brought both of the new comers to Osaka's all time favourite castle(read my past blog to know about it..lazy wanna describe again!) and sat there doing nothing for the next 1 hour or so....we did managed to chat....exchanging our experiences in our college and hostels while asking that super famous 'kaisu' question...."What did you get in your past exams?" As usual, I selambaly said that I failed 2 subjects...then continued by changing the topic all together dee....(no offence, but PPKTJ ppl have this tendancy to see how badly others have done....its supa norm to me by now dee....U KIASU PPLS!!)

Then, after all those photo sessions, we went to Shinsaibashi(a famous entertainment area in Osaka) where we entered the shop where Randy wanted to enter the last time he was here during the GW.....a note for Randy: "We don't even have to line up for 1 second to enter that shop.....and the Okonomiyaki there is DEFINATELY NICER"(maybe you just don't have the luck anymore huh?) Yup, its just a normal small roadside stall selling Okonomiyaki(how should I say this? It looks like the Indian murtabak, but with 1000% less oil and instead of meat and onions, you get to choose a seafood or onions, but more eggs,and thus more pricier la! 20 times?)

The miracle thing today is that we met and talked to 3 foreign ppl during the entire day, 1st was a Taiwanese guy with his Jap gf who we meet in Osaka Castle, 2nd is a China's Chinese working inside the okonomiyaki stall that we went and finally a Korean on our way back to the hostel....most of them approached us because we spoke in Mandarin(they think we are all from their kampung I guess?)except that Korean lady who was lost and wanted to ask some favour from us until she was told that we don't know all of Osaka(its huge ok!) ourselves and we are no Japs! Then it was English all the way with the lady...

Another thing to add, the show I watched last night? Its still playing in my head till now.....can really feel the emotions of the show even after almost 24 hours already....but I guess its not me only huh? When we all reached back at our hostels, I turned on the movie's official song, Shi Han watched the movie again while Fook Hee(hmm....don't know what he did la!).....and both of them said that their mood was affected by that show so they were not in the mood to shop today(they plan to come again some other day, when the after effects of the movie is gone) Damn was that show nice! I'm planning to get the original DVD myself soon.....just love it! Makes me think alot lo! What should I do?? SO NICE!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Sorry for those who can't read the topic above....but I have to type this in Jap!
Its actually a Jap movie title which is SUPA GOOD!!!! As in 10/10 type! Super touching until the 4 of us inside the tv room almost cried!! My god!!(as in 4 guys ok!) The story is about a story about a family who.....NO! I don't wanna spoilt everything by telling about this film here....for those who are still in M'sia and can understand Jap language...GET IT PLZ!!! GET IT!! If you feel that it is not nice, I will buy it from you!! This show is even batter than the 'Good Luck' drama I saw the last time!! For those already in Jap! Try renting this show! Its not as if I'm trying to say that this movies only suites some ppl or those with 'soft hearts' only, trust me! No regrets!! Its the same director from the drama 'Good Luck' & 'Beautiful Life'

Monday, July 18, 2005

How To Be A Bankrupt In A Day....

Yesterday was my 10th anniversary going to guess what? Big spending and more money wasting....Ok, to tell the truth, I wasn't prepared to spend this much, but sometimes, lust just takes over...

It was supposed to be a day where Fook Hee(my another M'sian friend) gets his long awaited camera while I get my backpack for this coming trip up north. He was prepared to spend but I'm not very sure about the bag thing so I ACTUALLY thought I won't be spending any on nonsense....Well, I was wrong...damn wrong~~~!

U see, from no plans, I managed to get myself an external DVD burner, a spare battery and camera case for my Konica cam & a 45L backpack(the only original plan). Furthermore, thanx to Randy's advise about 'The War Of The Worlds', I ended up dragging Fook Hee to watch the show with me(And I finally found a 'huge dark room' with screen projectors worthy of the name 'CINEMA' in Osaka)...I still remember the part where the old man told Tom Cruise(inside an underground basement) that they should strike back because he heard that a few of the machines are being destroyed in OSAKA, JAPAN!(another reason why my college is SOO GOOD!!)there goes another 1200 yen!

So, by the end of the day, I lost 32,724 yen(do the calculations yourself)...I know some of you who read this will like "Ahh! I've spent more than that!"...but mine was 'unintentioned'....not even had it in my mind....just bought it out of the sudden....damn! I hope my habit doesn't kill me this coming holidays...I'll be broke even before my trip!!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Hating Someone?

I think this blog has a little to do with the last blog about this neighbour of mine who had turned to Mr. SUPA SERIOUS....well, things are getting alot better now, there is no more 'Get Out Of My Life' sort of look when he sees me dee....these days we could just talk nonsense all day....things couldn't be any better than it is now I think?

One of the main reason is that now, both of us are in a 'state of war' with my the other Kenyan neighbour.....He is such a double sided person! A very irresponsible fella and selfish in front of us, but in front of the japs and teachers, my GOD! He is an angel!! When my senior(also a foreign student) asked him why was he late for an appointment, he said this "AR....We are foriegn students, the japs will understand if I'm late, so its alright". What la wei! What sort of answer is this?!

However, the main reason for me hating him till now is about 2 months ago during my trip to Wakayama College....there, he kept on telling every of the foreign students(including those from my uni in KL) that "Cheong HATES Me!". I mean, ya, I din talk to you for some time because I din't like your double sided character so I din wanna talk to you only....not that I hated U!!!

But after the trip, he actually got the guts to ask for money from me!! Not RM1, not RM10.....but RM360!! I didn't even lended so much money to my good friends b4 & u ask me for THAT MUCH after all that u had said?!! He even begged a little at that time(his phone bill cost RM1400 so he got no money to pay for the safety uniform for our technical labs, its very expensive) After that! I decided that enough was enuf and this 'Declaration Of War' is announced!(with the strong support of Shi Han) NO MORE MR.NICE GUY!! I told him that he won't be getting any money from me from that day on!

Now that its already 2 months, I don't seem to be able to keep up with this hatred...I mean, I can't keep the fire burning after 2 months! Its not easy for me la!...I actually broke the 'Declaration' by talking to him today about our 'physical examination results'(its a machine that can measure our muscles, fats, bone weight, reccomended weight, blabla..I'll tell more bout it in the next blog)....Shi Han was very displeased to see that cos its like I have broken the 'allience' with him or some sort la! So, plz! Can u ppl teach me how to hate someone for a longer time...I know I should be hating him(the kenyan), but I can't keep that up with it! HELP!!

Monday, July 11, 2005


No! What I typed above was not somekind of Jap food or a M'sian bad word or an expression about me being happy....its the yelling that we have to do when hitting someone...the truth is...I just came back from Kendo practice(for those who don't knw thats that, serch in the dict!)....damn tiring!! I can feel that my arm is shaking abit and my head HURTS!!! SHITla that stupid senior!! Hit me so god damn hard....

Ok, now for a little 'jiman'(self expression in English? ahahha) about this Kendo club...nothing much though, the whole point is to beat up your oponent till he becomes stupid or breaking his wrist will do....why? u ask? all about hitting the oponents head, wrist, stomach and neck...sounds dangerous? doesn't kill,we have a full body armor...from head to 'brother'....just makes my feet bleed...Shi Han's toe nail to break during practice only la....and getting blue-blacks all around my wrist is just so-so only la....ouch!!

But I can say that training is tough! Practising getting hit sounds stupid(yes! its stupid) but I get to learn when to avoid some hits and when to take some....a sword and a madman charging towards me is not something I can experience, I can actually deny my eyes from closing when I see danger coming just after 3 months of Kendo, meaning I can actually see it coming and think! WOW! I'm finally thinking!

Oh ya, the main point of me writting this blog is to complain about todays practice!! I have this 'super powerful head wacking senior' in the when I was practising, I failed to avoid one of his charges, and he banged on me...and being the more 'stable' 1..he fell instead of me....and guess what, during the next few rounds when we had our rematch, DAMN did he wack me with full hard I can fell my brains jerking around for a few seconds!! Its a turn based practise so I WASN'T supposed to all the aims fell straight on my head!! AR!!! 'Sei guai lei ker thau ng hai thit zhou gar!'(canto)...CURSE HIM!!! DON'T CARE U ARE A SENIOR OR WHAT! WATCH OUT!! I'M GETTING MY PAYBACK!!!

And thats all the nice things I can say about kendo....must bath now...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

STAR WARS? OR just the journey of Anakin ?

Well, finally, I got to watch the final,last,the only one left, part of this show....The graphics was good, no mistake bout that...but the story is somewhat kinda too damn predictable. I mean, WHO on earth dont know who Anakin will turn out to be? Its kinda like a spoiler for a person who have watched those older but 'newer' episodes of star wars 4~6!

The wierd thing is that the other 3 Jap friends who went with me to watch the show actually wanted to watch the show AGAIN!!? I know they sacrifised themselves cos they watched the show in English with just Japanese subtitles...(and not Japanese with Jap subtitles like most normal Japs will do) cos of me...but watch AGAIN!? NO! NO WAY!! 1500yen? NEVER!

Anyhow they told me that the show was very nice except that the English conversation part was too fast for them to catch it...They only part they can catch was the part when Dark Sidious talks...cos he said every word very slowly....For me? difference...hahaha

After the movies, a little shopping around for some clothes and junk food for supper....thats how I actually spend my whole Saturday...wasted? I do feel a little. Staying in my hostel room, however isn't any better....not as if I'll do any hmwork...ok bath time...I just came back actually...

Friday, July 08, 2005

Summer holidays - 2 weeks

Well, another 2 more weeks and my freedom from studies will temporary start....6 weeks of holiday....wonder what shall I do with all those time? 1st, I have my plans to head up to northern Japan, namely called Hokkaido and other popular areas on the way....(ex. Aomori-what Ipoh is to M'sia is what this place is to Japan...beautiful gals!!) Hope that this rumour is true though, been a pure disapointment since I reach the shores of Japan. The only 'commendable' gals only apears on TV, never in real life!

I'm really hoping to improve my sense of directions and 'tour guiding' skills during this coming trip...thanx to a few 'insults'...I don't know nuts bout this few places I'll going, but with another 3 more friends(might be 4) going together, won't feel so lonely even if we're lost in the woods huh? Never been to the woods before since my scouting days back at PFS. Chopping bamboos illegally with the entire patrol....maybe thats how I developed this negative attitude of liking to do things the 'other' way?

Sorry, I'm just crapping now cos its a Friday and I'm just damn bored inside my room...waiting for the rest to be back so can go dinner...haih...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Free Music Downloads!!(This is not a spam)

Well, this thing all started when I noticed that I still have 50 more inviations for g-mail accounts an it stroke me....why not use 1 of them to upload a few of my favourite songs in one of them, and share it around? With 2GBs of space in a g-mail account, and an average of 5MB per song, 400++ songs could be upaloaded into it with ease....ok, heres the mail account and password:

id name:
pass: plzletmein

just enter and click on the few mails inside, and theres an option to download the songs....every1 who could read this blog have my permission to do whatever you think best to the songs and the mail....except for 2 conditions....
1.Plz don't delete ANY of the songs inside the makes my life hard ok!
2.Don't use it to suscribe anything....I trust you all with this...

and if you have any nice songs you wanna share, just mail it from another mail to the account above....well, lets hope my 1st 'illegal song sharing' goes well....