Monday, December 25, 2006

Oops 2006!

Sorry about this, but I didn't have anything to write yet. 2006 isn't over yet and I'm not the type of person who makes new year resolutions. This is my last entry for this year before leaving to Tokyo(In another 2 hours time)...more snowboarding & Tokyo pics coming up!
Be jealous n stay tuned! Merry Chrismas & a Happy New Year!
Btw, try not to get beaten up this year the both of you ok! For the rest, stay safe too! Bye!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hi, I'm from Malaysia, but currently studying in Japan.

"OMG! You are so lucky! I like Jap girls, they are very cute!", "Japan? You get to see cute girls everyday, I'm jealous with you", "Japan? I like Japanese porn, they are very cute!"

These are the comments I get every time someone from another country knows that I'm currently in Japan. Almost everyone has been asking me for names of some cute actress, do I have a cute Jap gal as gf, the AV porns, and anything to do with that. Seriously, besides my parents and those living in Japan themselves, the rest of the questions always revolve around 'cute Jap gals'.

My reply is, Cute? yes! Alot! Trying To Be Cute or TTBC gals are all over Japan! The moment I see any of them, I tend to wanna vomit! According to my friend here in Japan, once Jap gals remove their makeup, they will scare the living hell out of you! How true is that? You find it out yourself.

"What do you mean no cute gals? I see plenty of them!"
Plenty yes, but its always on movies, magazines, dramas, newspaper, movies, magazines, dramas....well thats practically it. If you were to walk around Osaka blindfolded, chances are, you'll bang into either a:
c)TTBC gal
d)A moving vehicle
Now try taking off the blindfold off n walk around, you'll find that you'll see the same thing you'd bang onto blindfolded.
Those cute girls either have themselves locked at their rooms with servants buying all their needs, or bz with photo shoots at studios/tv stations.

"You didn't go out much thats why you didn't see any of them!"
Come on la! I've been to almost the entire Japan's must go places(safe for the southern region). I've even been to the reputed 'pretty gals' of Akita, nothing there also. As for the 'naked girl sushi shops', I've only heard it from my Japanese teacher while in KL, told it to my friends in Penang, and all of a sudden, sushis in Japan are served on top of naked, talking about shooting canons!

"Where are the girls?! haiyo boolat.. keepin all for urself in ur ahem *collection*"
Ben, what photos are you talking about? You know that its illegal to take pictures of a stranger without asking permission 1st? If you are talking about porn pictures, yes, I used to have 1. Given to me & Shi Han by Randy during my GW holiday as a birthday present. Where is it now? I don't know. Randy was so tasteless to buy a porn book filled with 60 year old ah-mahs! Threw it away the next day. Since then, I'm not interested in buying any, but if you want it Ben, I'll gladly buy it for ya!(Must pay me back!)

As a conclusion, don't put too high of an expectation towards anything in Japan. I'm happy with my life now even if Japan isn't filled with kawaii gals. Truthfully speaking, I can't tahan TTBC ppl. I got a 60 year old Jap teacher who just acts like that, really feel like kicking her down the drain everytime she acts cute. Well, thats just me, maybe some of you like TTBC gals.

I actually wanted to post some pics, but wth, don't wanna create another wrong impression!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

How To Survive Through Winter in 1 piece.

Winter is the best part of being in Japan. You couldn't say that you've been in Japan unless you've braved through the chilling winds, bizarrely white snow, the 5pm already dark days and the overly thick clothings. Winter in Japan, for those unexperienced, might prove disastrous if you don't know what to expect. Well, heres something that I've learned from my encounters.

1. Watch the news.-Look at the weather forecast report at those days you are planning to go out. A week ahead if you are going out for a holiday where weather reports aren't available. Keep track of the lowest temperature and weather so you'll be prepared at whatever mother nature throws at ya. You wouldn't wanna be the Malaysian running under the rain at 0C.
-Know which place if being covered with snow and is causing delays and jams.

2.No (electric)heater
-It crazy to off it, but its crazier to have it on during the entire night. Hot dry air in an enclosed room with little fresh air circulation, you are suffocating your own body!
Solution: Heat up the room a few hours prior to sleeping, then use blankets and futons to keep you warm. Time the heater to reactivate 2 hours before your timed waking. Saves electric bill and no risk of sparking a fire....

3.Chuck your thick jacket away
-Contrary to what most Malaysians believe, a thick winter jacket isn't gonna make you fell all warm and comfy. No matter how thick your jacket is, if its not wind resistant, its worthless.
Jackets are only to prevent temperature changes, so if its cold, its gonna keep you cold! Besides, theres no difference to the human skin between 0C, -5C or even -20C, all you feel is cold and the stinging pain on the skin(very dry air). To keep warm, wear some tight fitting clothes(yes, those that PAS wouldn't allow in Kelantan) beneath your jacket. During my last ski trip, I'd survive with only 1 really thin T-shirt and a windbreaker no thicker than the one I use in M'sia.

4.Avoid this places(in red)...if you plan to take a train, unless you like the snow a lot, and wouldn't mind seeing snow for the next 13 hours for your supposedly 6 hours trip.Solution: Take a bus or plane if you are rich. The downside of taking this two means of transportations are that you'll have to plan well ahead. Not suitable for the fickle minded or the spontaneous humans.

-Winter is all about being fat and putting on weight. Until the scientist comes out with a 100% safe medicine to keep you fit/slim, control is the only way. At cold weathers, hunger pangs occur very frequently! Submit to them and there goes your summer's hard work!
Solutions: Whenever 1 strikes, stop whatever you are doing & go to sleep. Sleep is the only stronger remedy besides eating itself.
Too bz with reports and studies? Gurgle with Listerine then, it works for me!

-I haven't experienced this firsthand yet, but try not to catch a flu/fever during this wonderful season. Temperature changes causes me to have slight fever once in a while, fortunately, nothing serious until I need to hibernate.

7.Drink more booze
-A little wine or liquor will keep you warm without much side effect. Avoid beers if calorie count is a problem. Preferably, go for a small glass of anything above 15% alcohol.

8.Get an alarm clock-I've said that sleep helps with the hunger, but did I mention that getting up is important too? That beauty sleep is important, but sleep too much & you'll be a beautiful sloth. Need help getting up? Get a XXLoud alarm clock like mine :p
Not everyone is so fortunate to have Kristin Kreuk/Prince Charming's kiss to wake you up.

9.Stay alive!
-Winter is a suicidal season. What not to say so? Sad songs all around, the coldness, the silence that accompanies get what I mean. If anyone of you have any, I mean ANY thoughts of suicide or anything that stupid, well, gimme a call. I'll try to talk you out of it.
Even if I fail, well, at least I'll make sure your money wouldn't be spent by the devil buying Pradas.
If you malu wanna call, this might help too:

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I got Tagged?

Didn't notice it until the day just before my exams! Well, its better late than never right? :p

Four jobs I would stink at:
Primary schoolteacher(1 kid, yes. 30 kids? Die!)
Any job that requires me to remove my clothing unnecessarily
Fighter pilot(bad eyes...)

Four pretend nicknames I'm making up for myself:
Ja-re-mi(by my Jap friend)

Four movies I've watched over and over (and not fall asleep):
Lord of the Rings(Arwen is HOT!)
Armageddon(Grace is HOT!)
Shrek 1 & 2
V For Vendetta(Remember remember, the 5th of November)

Four things I love to do on weekends:
Nerding in front of the comp
Reading Magazines

Four alcoholic beverages I've enjoyed:
Tequila Pop
Vodka On The Rocks
Heineken Beer
Shandy counted alse right?

Four celebrities I would go on a big date with:
Kristin Kreuk
Sawajiri Erica
Maki Goto

Four things I could not live without (excluding essentials):
Computer with 24 hours internet connection

Four of my favourite foods, whom I'd like to bon appetite with:
Mamak & BBQ steambot - My Gang
Sushi - Sis(can eat for free ;p)
Buffet - With the 'Ji Ni Ji Pai'(Hokkien) gang!
CNY reunion meal - Everyone in the family, including uncles & aunts(The more the merrier!)

Four places I would rather be right now:
Desa Permai Indah, Sg. Dua, Penang
Hokkaido, Japan

Who should I tag, who should I? Hmm...