Wednesday, January 18, 2006

3 GUYS A GAL & Tons Of Snow!

Too many too write, too much time.....har??!
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Ok, 1st, let me introduce all the main characters from my new production called 'Winter Sonata' (which actually makes sense & with lots and lots of snow....just like what winter should be!)....from the left, Randy, Sze Thing, Fook Hee...and ME!

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Time: Noon
Venue: Hakuba Goryu 47, Nagano(Winter Olympic was once held HERE!)

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Me: Woo...Cool place!!
Randy: Woo...Cool place!!
Fook Hee: Woo...Cool place!!
Sze Thing: Woo...Cold place!! And I'm hungry!
All the guys: HAr? Hungry again? We thought we just had breakfast a few moments ago??
Sze Thing: Ya...but...but....I thin dee I can eat more lo....& I like eating! Kenot mer!?

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Anyway, this story continues with the 3 guys & a gal decided to not think bout anything else but the beauty of this mountain.
Me: Hey, since its like 1pm now, and its gonna close at 5pm, I think we shouldn't use the lifts but climb up...Hey! Won't wanna waste 100bucks(RM terms) to ride lifts for half a day rite?
All: YEAH! Nice thinking Cheong.....
2 hours later....
Sze Thing: I'm tired! I can't climb anymore.....and my butt hurts!
Fook Hee: (In Mandarin) I don't think you ppl notice it, but are we the only ones climbing up everytime after we board?
Randy: Cheong!!!
Me: Err.....
Everyone: Hahahahaha!!
Can't remember name: If anyone asks, remember to say that we are S'poreans ok! You don't wanna make M'sia's name bad, wouldn't you?

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Me: Wee....Me snowboarding! Me cool! Me fun!

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Me: Aiya, if Me don't drop down that often...ceh!
(After the pictures were taken)
Me: Wei! Fook Hee! Why this pic so blur 1? How the hell do you take it 1 la...?
Fook Hee:(While shivering) try and take pictures while taking off your gloves!
Randy: Hey, take my video cam & record my decend.....
Me: Aiyo, not nice la this pic, take again for me also la....
Fook Hee: Don't want! Too cold....hey, take for me also....
Me: Har? 2 together? Sze Thing, you want me to take for you too? Take all of your photos in 1 go! Easier for me...
Sze Thing: My legs are sore, I just rolled down from a steep slope, my wrist is injured, my butt hurts....No..I don't wanna go up we go makan?

Well, believe it or not, the 4 of us were the last person to be in the mountains when it was closed...Kena halau from 'Pak Guard' telling us that its already night time & come again tomorrow.
= End Of Chapter 1 =

Haih, why my online game got problem connecting la! Now so free to blog...
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Night time, In front of our backpackers hotel(no more tidur jalan, don't wanna turn to Frosty!)
Sze Thing: Lalala! {I'm with a bunch of guys who are so lonely without pathetic!} Lalala....I love making snowman....lalala...I haven't actually make any before...lalala...

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Me: This snowman's body is kinda small. Why not make something to make it look taller? U know, a platform or something? So it faces anyone going into the hotel?
Randy: I'll start digging the platform while you continue with the snowman.

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Me: Hmm..this is taking too long....hey Fook Hee, wanna give us a hand here?
Fook Hee: (Humming) hmhmhmhm...hmm...
Me: ??

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After a few hours!
2 of us: Tada! 80% done! A snowman with some self privacy having his own space...
Me: Hey, I'll go check out whats been bothering Fook Hee....he seems to be into something...
Randy: I still have Sze Thing here to help me rite? And both of us could be together....alone...right Sze Thing?
Sze Thing: (Eyes wide) Har?!

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Randy: Yo,Cheong! What are the both of you doing over there?
Me: We are making love....
Randy: HAR!!
Me:(Real quickly) Nonono! We are making a love shape...not love...not love!
Fook Hee: Hahaha! Make love!
Everyone: Hahahahaha...

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Mr/Mrs? Snowman/woman: So? How do I look? Do I look good? But I always think that my tighs are sorta big...
p.s. the centre opening was supposed to differenciate the snowman/woman's shoes...nothing more!
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Randy: I feel bored...lets do something stupid(as usual)
Fook Hee: Lets take pictures! Lie down over here Randy.....Sze Thing, you sit over here...and do this...
Me: Me ler?
Fook Hee: You'll be the camera man
Me: Why me?
Fook Hee: Cos I see you everyday and I don't wanna to see you in the pictures somemore!
Me: Ahh!! Ok....everybody in your positions....
Randy: {I feel crazy already}
Me: Say 'sin choi-sin choi'

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Mr unknown: Hmm..feel like eating ice kacang today...let me go take some ice!

= End Of Chapter 3 =

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Me: Hey, what did the man told us just now?
Randy: (Sleepy face) He said that we could take anything with the word Nao written on it..its for us...
Me: Oh, ok then!
Next morning....
Nao: (Opens the fridge) ARE!!?(Jap word) Ichi, ni, san....
Me: Oh o! Randy, u sure bout us taking things with the word 'Nao' written on it?
Randy: Actually, I'm not very sure!
Me: Then I think we better go say sorry! Cos I just fried 4 eggs for our breakfast!
Randy: すみません!先、卵を取ってしまった。(Sorry! We accidentally too your eggs!)
Nao: あっ!そうですか!(Ak! No wonder...)
Randy: 本とにごめなさい!(We are really-really sorry!)
Nao:大丈夫です、後で買い物する時、返してもいいよ!(Its ok! When you go shopping tonight, you can repay me then)
All of us: Fuh....

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Our saviour for the day! Jusco!(They don't have the Jaya word here) We got the eggs & the breads(yup, we took the breads illegally too!) Luckily for us....

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1am in the morning....after hours of playing non-stop with snow
Me:(Knock, knock!) Excuse me!
5 minutes later
Me: (Knock, Knock) You are in there for like an hour...can we have our turn?!
An 'ang mor kau': I think its Jerry inside there bathing.
Me: Really? He is in there for quite some time now!
Me: (Knock. Knock) Can you plz hurry up! We have been waiting for hours!
'Behind the door noise': OkOk!
10 minutes later....doors open...
Me: Har!!!
Boos & Nao: Ok, you can have your turn(Smiling but with fire in the eyes)
Me: OMG Fook Hee! The person inside there wasn't Jerry! Hell! there isn't 1 but 2 person in the bathroom!
Fook Hee: War....So 'Hang Fok!'
Me: What 'Hang Fok' la! I just rushed both Mr boss n his GF! OMG! I'm gonna be killed!!
Fook Hee:.......
Randy & Sze Thing at that same moment: Krok.....fuu......krok....fuu......

= End Of Chapter 4 =

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Well! This trip to Hakuba was short, really short. 3 days of non-stop playing really makes time fly! I really wanna go snowboarding hurts, but with the adrenalin gushing into your body everytime you travel at speeds over 40km(I guess?) is WAYY too syok for words to discribe! I didn't drop that often during the second day, I'm just natural to it I guess?...hahaha. And this time, we took the more climbing...however, Sze Thing had her worst fall on the second day cos we decided to board from a higher level but she couldn't take the steep slopes well...soo...there she goes....tumbling & complaining...pity her....
I had a very great time during those few days! & I wanna do it again! Yeah! Will miss you snowman/woman! I wonder how are you now? My 1st snowman/woman....

p.s. for those who doesn't know who Sze Thing is, she is from the same course as I am....and she is the least expected gal to join us for this trip....well, she had a great time too I think?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I have~! Tokyo is the name, 13 hours by train, a place with great bargains!
So, this is my 3rd time there & this time, I AIN'T GOING BACK TILL I'M SATISFIED!
Happy New Year Everyone! I've had a great time this winter doing things I have only dreamt of as a kid....

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Scary huh?! With about the same price with a bowl of noodles here in Jap, we actually get a place to crash on for the night(not to mention no check-in or check-out time!) No worries, this house isn't haunted nor is it a love hotel...clue...its where most M'sian students stay if u wanna save some bucks while travelling.....still no eye dear? Rumah M'sia la! What else? And for that few days.....

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Its filled with 100% Chinese ppl sleeping in a same room playing 'mafia' (must thanx Sookie for teaching this game!), drinking beer(my influence...hehe), exchanging phone numbers & the most important thing! Taking pictures....everyone was a superstar that day! lol!

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Unsankarable!! He got a restaurant here in Jap! Too bad he isn't a good cook....well, according to my senior that is.

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This 'Rainbow Bridge' in Tokyo welcomes all....


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It is! But its not real.....this is a shopping complex called the Venus Fort or Park?(forgot!) Nice place to do some sight-seing but no-no for those money conscious fellas out there....I had a nice time mingling around this place (maybe cos its a common knowledge that Tokyo gals are better than those in Osaka?) Really a must go!

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The person who heard that this place is cool & did it right to show us here, my ex-roomie...or now my PIR, Partner In Crime....(unlike someone who, while we were in Kisarazu, only showed us...ehem...ehem! Not suitable to put it in this blog)

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This is how you do it, just ask someone to take a picture...Japs are sure to stop & wait till you have taken that beauty matter how many ppl are passing through, 100% guaranteed!....ok! Now say CHEEZEE!

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Harajuku's Takeshita Street! The Petaling Street of Japan! One of the only few places here in Jap where haggling is allowed! Tons of clothes for the 'Ah Bengs', girls wearing french maid or goth like cloths walking around....luckily there isn't any "Leng Chai, ham tai arr?" or any pirated DVDs for that matter. I imagine that you might think that this place is 'cheap' rite? Guess again!

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Uniqueness is the theme! Nothing is dule or lame over here....I came here 3 times in just over a week, got my sling bag(not those in this pic plz!) and came back to Nara with a HUGE smile! Really a terrific place to shop! Very suitable for ppl who are not armed to the teeth with money, fashion conscious, young at heart & mad bout shopping.....Hail to the youth capital of Japan!

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The best ever creep I have eaten in Japan.....cos its the 1st too! Chocolate cheese cake creep! Yummy! WARNING:Eating too much has dreaded consequenses, do not be fooled by the angel!....just 1 more plz! plz!

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Ok! Lets block them traffic again!

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Looks similiar huh? This lighting celebration will continue until 2005 only...cos they are gonna build something so it must be taken down by then...pity for those who will miss it!

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Ya, this place is somewhere near Ginza....the place LV, Gucci, Prade blabla have their 'juicer' shops built!

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WHO? You'll see more of her in my next, till then, HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL! For those having their finals soon, study hard k! N to my gang, c ya all in 2 more months! Penang, here I come!