Tuesday, November 28, 2006


My inspiration,

My hard work....
Using POV-Ray's most basic design forms, its my 1st try so its still with noobish shapes and lightings. Was supposed to design a speaker, but because the tweeters are harder and more time consuming than I thought, I ended up stucking a few 'light bulbs', brighten them & here you are. A lamp post!
This actually reminds me of daun pitis used by Kelantanese once upon a time ago.

Last post for the next 2 weeks, exams here! Good luck to those having exams soon & wish me luck too k!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Not another schoool trip?

9th Nov 2006! 4th year student of Nara National College invading Aichi prefecture!
Off we go!!

1stly, let me introduce my 'tour guides'. On the right is my 'oh-so-blow' class teacher and on the right is the super pro computer teacher! They are in charge of our welfare for the next 2 days and to make sure we don't go missing in Aichi. Most importantly however, they are supervising us against doing anything silly(which my class has a reputation of)

1st stop, picture at one of the rest areas. We were like a bunch of businessman on a our way to make millions. Only our childish behavior gave us out! I don't know why, but its school rule to wear like this when you are out in a school trip. No complains though, its kinda chilly out here already.
This happens during lunch hour...a bunch of smart looking, suit wearing guys eating bento(boxed rice) in a garden just outside the city. Embarrassed? Have no fear, all Japanese do the same. Suit wearing is the new casual swearing!
The main purpose for this trip is to visit as many factories(its actually lawatan sambil belajar) as possible during this short 2 days. Aichi is the hometown of Toyota, the pride of Japan. We visited the main factory (no pictures allowed) so this showroom with the latest Toyota cars is the best I can do to show here. Rest assured, theres nothing too high tech going on inside the factory. Its just the manufacturing plant, not the R&D department.
A quick fact: Toyota's investment in this prefecture is so great, that if it goes kapoo, then there will be hundreds of thousands of jobless ppl here!
You've seen this in my blog more than 1 year ago...
Now THIS, is new! A modified version which looks sportier and with a huge headlamp attached. I notice that names of stuffs these days all begins with 'i', no thanks to i-pod. 'i' is now a word so cool, if you have it in front of your product name, sure can sell 1! i-keropok anyone?
Toyota's famous mascot, kiss~kiss~?
Truthfully speaking(or typing) there isn't much pictures that I can show cos most of the places I went to were all no-camera zones. In order not to end my blog so soon, I'll do a little intro about the Japanese friends in my class, starting with my closer friends.
Fom left: Yamaki, Tat-cyan, Nan-cyan & Cheong-cyan (0.O)!

Tat-cyan is the exact opposite of Randy Gui. So completely different mentally & physically lol! Quiet & clam most of the time, you won't find him laughing too often though. But if he laughs, then your joke is definitely very good. Alas, don't let his small size fool you though, he is one of the best baseball player in my college & is 1 hell of a strong guy! I wouldn't wanna mess with this guy.

Nan-cyan is the guts guy who worships Hercules & Thor. Strength, power, stamina, blabla....He is a fan of my Mens Health magazine although according to him, he can't understand a single thing. Almost without fail, he challeges me to arm-wrestling every day. Why? Cos he still can't beat me yet :p

Theres Yamaki(but forgot to take his pic) who is 'Mr. Clean'. Always show off his ability to stay away from pornographic cos he has an understanding gf(according to him) How true/fake is that? Well, lets not find out. This guy has been sitting beside me since last year. The most popular thing about him is his 1 special bag which he never brings home, not even once! Can't reveal whats inside, sensitive material.
These are my other friends. Some scholars, some sportsman, some 'gentleman'.

Kiibou is always serious looking, has this no nonsense attitude when I 1st met him.
Once you get to know him, hell turns loose...
A bright chatterbox trapped in a table filled with 2 of the quietest person in class = 1 really funny scene!
Our room for the night. Looks dirty? Well, out of 4 person, only 2 used the room to actually sleep. The rest(including me) were at other rooms playing Nintendo Cube, PS and even mahjong while munching tons upon tons of chocolates. Japanese mahjong is almost the same with the M'sian version except that they can have a full set of doubles and still win, then.....why am I explaining? 99% of my reader don't even know how to play. Ask you mum, uncle, auntie to teach you, its good for your brain.
Highlight of the trip! FOOD! Nothing else is more memorable compared to this...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

As if 10 isn't enough!

For some 'unknown' reason, my mum got hold of my entry about the previous parcel. So, now, I get 15kgs instead of 10! 15 out of 10 in the luv-o-meter, I just can't ask for more can't I?

In the process of being stripped naked, one piece at a time....

Guess what was the 1st thing that greeted me? 2 packets of Indomee surrounded by more than an inch thick of reinforced styrofoam. This box could take a bullet and still live to tell!
Now lets go beneath to explore the secrets in this well protected box...
I got my usual canned fishes from M'sia plus an added bonus! A can of kaya! Although a junior of mine could proudly say that she had managed to make kaya. I'd rather wait for a month for a can to be sent here after imagining the mess I'd make trying to attempt one.

4 whopping packets of curry spices! 2 packets to survive through the next 3 months before my re-entry back to planet M'sia and another 2 to show of my cooking skills! A Jap friend of mine said that its so nice that now I have to cook for another 7 person to satisfy their curiosity. As 1 of them said "The future relationship between Japan & M'sia rest in your cooking skills". Aiyoo, kenot pray-pray la!

Books to die for.....
Books with more than a 1000 ways to die....I don't wanna die!
Some protection against the harsh long cold winter. For this part, I think my mum worried a little tad too much. The white bottle is the normal one I asked for, while the pink bottle is supposed to provided GREATER protection and is to be used when I'm snowboarding or anything that involves long periods of exposure to grandma winter! Anyone in Japan wants 1? Vely cheap only selling for 1000yen nia(suitable for all 3 sexes)
This part I very 'yim chim' 1. Get the wrong bottle of chilli sauce & I might end up leaving it unloved & untouched for the next 2 years. Never get it wrong...its always Kimball. The 'Cap Tupai' is also said to be nice. Time will tell, time will tell....

Without introduction, its time for the problems with this shipment....See this pic below here? Look at its condition. Even with a few inches of reinforced styrofoams its still cracked and broken into a million pieces. GREAT!
Mum 0, Pos Laju 1
3 weeks and I already can't stand being a cashier in what used to be the biggest supermarket in the northern region, Sunshine Square . Working there is like the 18th floor of the Chinese hell. No better torture than boredom and a few backstabbing behind! This place got a new face lift a few years back and its still the most popular place to shop for the money conscious. Julian & I hated this place so much we swore to buy this entire company up and fire the head & assistant cashier. Both of you better watch out!

My dirty room made even dirtier with this new parcel. I was digging this box for any 'left overs' just in case I missed anything.Was supposed to write about my school trip to Aichi last weekend, but still waiting for my friend to burn the pics for me....tons of pics ahead! Scout law no.1 'Be Prepared!'

Saturday, November 11, 2006


If you'd loved my previous entry about sushis...then try this:

and this:

Its in Japanese with no subtitles...but I'd bet you'll like it!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

College Day 2006

Its over! Finally! 2 days of non-stop nasi lemak not only cured me of my 'nasi lemak sickness', I'm now completely avoiding this dish for the next few months if possible. Talk about wish come true! Its steam tofu from now on...

This years college day went smoothly, nothing bad happened, no quarreling....its all nice and calm....& very profitable too :)

Like every other year, college day is always filled with fellow students trying to make some extra pocket money for this coming winter holidays.

There were tons of junkfood ranging from whole squids to Nasi Lemaks!
(Mari! Mari! Murah Murah! Nasi Lemak 6 Ringgit sebungkus! Mari! Mari!)

The 4 buckettears....we cried so much because of this event. 30 onions in 1 night...cry till dry.

Beside food, there are around 4 stalls with the call sign "flee market 1~4". This is the time where poor kids get to sell their 2nd hand clothes so they can spend it on better brands like.....like.... how do I know? I'm poor wert! I only know Homme Paris, Tag Huer or Levis Red Tabs.

Some were so desperate to study thatnthey even sold their clothes to pay for the school fees (*sob sob* such good kids)

For those artistic, bombastic, virtuosos people, this is the time for them to show of their hidden talents to the whole wide Nara. With the hope that some guy from Avex Trax will sign them up.

Remember 超級無敵獎門人?(Super Trio Series) That show by Tsang Chi-wai? Ya, one of them copied the other's game. Japanese who copied or Hongkies who copied?

Mari! Mari! Murah Murah! Nasi Lemak 6 Ringgit sebungkus! Nasi Lemak 6 Ringgit sebungkus! Mari! Mari!

Well, thats all there is about my college day. It was really an unforgettable day I'd say! We sold up to 270 packets of nasi lemak in 2 days. Made about 3man(RM1000) of clean profit.
After a buffet lunch together, there was still more than enough left for the 5 main share holders. Anyone wanna franchise nasi lemak here? Good $$$

Before I forget, whats a college day if theres no gals pictures right?

1st, we have a Japanese gal feeding a not so happy looking Japanese guy....

Then we have Japanese gals dressed in Japanese fashion...

Malaysian gal dressed in Japanese fashion...

Japanese boy dressed in Japanese fashion....

So? Anybody interested in coming next year? I'll supply free pisang goreng....promise!
You've seen me crap, now see her blog.