Thursday, January 04, 2007

Born To Have Fun!

Happy New Year to everyone out there! I've finally found the time & energy to start posting but since I'm in a serious shortage of photos, this would have to do till I get it from my friends. A short introduction of what was the BEST moment in my life.

The monstrous rain & snow

The energetic faces of those long time no see friends and some new ones too.

3 days of non-stop skiing/boarding, falling, lift riding under extreme chillness~~

The tiredness after all that.

The shopping done.

The Oohs & Aahs about Tokyo.

The celebration at the embassy.

My first time in Universal Studio theme park....

And more! Hope I get those pictures as soon as possible so you ppl can see the crap I'll be posting...till then, everybody say hi to Snowman ver 2.0! (say its ugly and 13 ppl will kick your ass!)