Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Here I am blogging again! Come to think of it, exactly 1 year before, at this time,I was also blogging like mad. Maybe cos college is gonna start & I'm looking for some excuse to NOT do my 'already last minute but no mood to do' homeworks. In that case, its devils 2, angels 0.

Talking bout the 49th merdeka day. What has the country achieved till today?
-Longest buffet in the world
-2nd tallest building in the world
-3rd most unfriendliest city in the world(thanxs KL ppl!)
-Mahathir complaning non-stop
-Badawi keeping quiet
-"We still have the cheapest petrol in SEA"
-Malaysian Time
-Brain drain problem
-All the races living happily in the same housing area, just that Malays are in block 'dUn question My special NatiOnal rights', Chinese in block 'Money to Control them All' & Indians in block 'what about MIC?'
-Internet cencorship law under review!

What we could expect to see by 2020:
-The most expensive petrol in the whole SEA
-To have 10 person to witness a rape case in order for a person to be prosecuted
-Have 40 million citizens
-Where 30% of the profesionals will be in the US, UK, Aus, Euro etc
-A bigger rag so we could sweep all the problems inside it.....& hope no 1 notices
-The 4th PM who is also the 6th PM of M'sia
-Where 99% of the rakyat lives in 1st class infrastructure but with 3rd world toilets & rubbish everywhere
-No more TOTO, Magnum 4D, ZOUK, CHILLS, CASABLANCA, Fatty Loh Chicken Rice
-To have a non-Chinese Chief Minister in Penang
-Disneyland? In Johor?
-Tell your friend you got robbed and he/she says "Biasa la"
-INTERNET CENSORING! or apply for a yearly permit to publish your post from the goberman

Towards a BETTER MALAYSIA! Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Last of my summer.

So, this is Miyajima Isle. This 鳥居(Torii) or gateway, is another famous place in Hiroshima. For some reason, its one of the World Heritage Site(like Gunung Kinabalu or Georgetown, Penang) where it will be preserved as it is for millenniums to come.

Seriously, I don't find it too interesting or special? Its just a metal gate built on the sea. What madman is actually so free to do such things I wonder? I'm just not that artistic person to judge things solely by their looks and not its purpose(except gals la!)

Besides this gate, Miyajima is also popular for the following items:

Momiji=maple, Manju=pancake. So Momiji Manju=maple shaped pancke with all kinds of fillings.

Grilled Miyajima oyster. Cost me RM7 for each plate with 2 oysters. It was VERY delicious! Its the only thing that 'ah mo' take raw while Japs take cooked. Come to think of it, what an irony?

After hours of cycling around, we found this very nice & cooling waterfall spot. Randy tried to take a pic with his vid-cam with only 8 secs delay and guess how the picture turned out? He was exactly in front of me bocking my entire body while his back faces the vid-cam(He was still running to the spot next to me) Well, this is the 1 with me and only me!

The 3rd day was to visit Ah Long's college in an island nearby. Before that, theres still 1 more thing we wouldn't wanna miss in Hiroshima, and that is Hiroshima's Okonomiyaki. Its hard to describe what it is, but lets just say that its a Jap version of a pizza(Like mutabak is the Indian version). Tasted sweet, but I still can't decide which is better, the Osaka version or Hiroshimas'. This 2 places are known to have the best Okonomiyaki in Japan.

Ok, back to the story. This is Along's college in an island. Its quite a small island, and the 'best' part is that the convenience store closes at 8pm & theres NOTHING there. Hmm, a conducive environment to study I guess? No distractions? I LUVING my college more after visiting this place! Anyhow, this is a shipping college & the ship on the pic belongs to them. Must be cool to actually pilot a ship with that 'sailor' uniform!
Me: Direction bearing 26-22! 13 degrees at 20 knots to starboard side!! Move it you lazy apes!!
Men: Aiyee Captain!
I'm gonna regret being another mechanical engineer!

This concludes my very-very short holiday in Hiroshima. Its only 4 days of travelling with another day back to my place! Thanx to Along and Chin Leong for letting us 'crash' in your tv room & that unforgetable watermelon! Well,good night every1!
p.s. Along is 2nd from left & Chin Leong is 3rd. Along is the head of a 'shark' society in KL so when you see him the next time(He can be anywhere in the globe) don't forget to greet! Nitez all!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Welcome to 広島(Hiroshima), or 'Wide Island' in English. I'm supposed to go to Taiwan for my summer hols, but somehow, I just can't find the right time. So here I am, in the piece of land which so happen to have a nice sunny weather one morning 62 years ago. The landmark where the most disastrous weapon in world have ever been used!

So, here I am with my ex-roomie(again?). This trip was planned on the phone, took 15 minutes, and what do I know, Randy was on his way to Nara for the 4th time just a day after the call.

We left to Hiroshima from Nara just like that 2 days later. I just like it when things are made so spontaneously. No plans, no headings, just a train ticket and thats it! No worries about time schedule, date lines or 'must go here & must visit there' syndrome.

Stopped by at Kobe(Kobe Beef anyone?) for some Chinese food which was like months since I ever had a decent Chinese meal. The entire journey took me about 7 hours, which is VERY near by Japanese standards.

Checked in the Hiroshima Youth Hostel in the evening and called it a day.

The 2nd day's event started with the visit to the all so popular Peace Park Memorial Museum where all this pictures were taken. Its actually a remembrance to all of us war lovin' ppl about the suffering and pain and blablabla! There were a few crying 'ah ma's inside. Its supposed to have made us feel gloomy & sad inside, but guess what? Neither the both of us were in any 'gloomy' mood. Must be cos the Japs took Randy's grandpa's bicycle 65 years ago and I just love the fact that there used to be such a great war(I'm a saddist till this day lol!). No bad mood, but tons of stupid jokes about this bombing.....cruel ppl!

The night was spent watching fireworks which so happen to happen at a place we planned to visit the next day. Since no plans=anything goes, we went there eventually. This is the 1st(and only?) 花火大会(Fireworks display) I'm gonna catch this entire summer. Had my 1st 'sardin fish' experience on the train heading there. Too bad that our youth hostel has curfew, so before the grand finale, off we go...back...wouldn't say that it was bad, but why on earth must the stupid hostel have curfew time? WTF, I paid you RM70 and I don't even get my little freedom! Should change your name to 'Hiroshima Warewolf & Cinderella ppl Hostel'.
Anyway, I'm too tired to continue blogging anymore now. I just spent 2 hours typing in Photobucket and guess what, they discontinued their services with Blogspot! 2 hours and X joule of tenaga kinetik lost! Great! Too be continued....

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


She can't dance half as well as BoA, she got a crooked tooth & I've seen her on tv just 2 months ago! I'm ADDICTED to her! HELP!!! Maybe cos shes too cute?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

From nowhere.....

to Hiroshima tomorrow?

It all happened in a sudden, just after 15 minutes of phone call with my ex-roomie, there goes my 'uninterupted' peace for this summer holidays. I don't know whats nice about Hiroshima besides the Peace Park and the museums. I'm not much of a historian myself, but anything to do with WW2 should be interesting. Besides that, I'm just clueless about Hiroshima. Maybe I should go to any nice beaches ^^ and have a dip while I cleanse my eyes abit.
p.s. One shouln't stay in Hiroshima for too long, if u read your Kimia books, it said that radioactives burrows in the soil for like hundreds & thousands of years! Yeah! Suicide! jk jk

Saturday, August 05, 2006


I'm a grown up now. After being through my worst failure and addiction, I'm a changed person now. I won't repeat my mistakes anymore...I'm a man!

What has happened to me for the last few months? Look at the picture to the left, thats where I was for the past 3 months. Knight Online.
This game was & still will be the best game I've ever played in my entire childhood. I'm a high lvled warrior in a grade 1 clan killing other players during my past time while organizing boss hunts and money gathering with my friends from the US, Canada, Sweden, Philipines & Turkey.

This addiction almost killed my life. I stopped going to the gym, stopped socializing in the Msn/Yahoo/Icq/telephone/skype, and most important of all, stopped studying.
"No study = bad results" rule just doesn't seem to bother with me at all. What I cared was just to gather with my bunch of in-game friends and do so much killing as any kid would have dreamt. Exam results were bad. I lost muscle mass :( and some fats :) , sleep for 4~5 hours a day after all the game & homework have been completed.

It life changed when I saw this:

It happened on a friday while I was having my dinner at 10pm(yes, its that late). What caught me at 1st was the beautiful girl in the drama. Deciding that a drama with pretty girls >> guys in shorts sweating out trying to out-punch each other, I stay tuned to it till the end of that episode. Its a typical Japanese love story where good looking guy falls for a cute girls and vice-versa. The 'catch' is that the girl has XP (Xeroderma pigmentosum) disease and she will die soon. He wasn't 100% in love with her at the time he found this out, and against advises from friends, he did anyway. A guy with all to lose and nothing to gain still goes on with the love has really some guts!

So, what am I doing with my life? I'm not gonna die soon(touchwood), nor am I involved in any love where my gf is gonna die or leave to anywhere. Why am I sitting here in front of my computer where life is limited & anything could happen the next day. I've all to lose & nothing to win from playing this game....this is pathetic! Theres no 'guts' losing everything to this game, this isn't love, well, this isn't anything important at all!

Today, I logged in to my game, told my clannies that I'm leaving for good, and left. For good I hope. I know theres a life for me outside there in this world waiting. May it be my school life, social life, love life, sports life a.k.a gym, I'm gonna go for it! I'm gonna spend time on things that I can feel, touch, hold, enjoy, experience, wise up. I'm in for it! I'm a grown up!
Went to the gym today after a 2~3 month hiatus. Starting my long awaited revision tomorrow.

Btw, the show is called A song to the Sun (タイヨウのうた)
And this is the opening scene: