Friday, June 01, 2007

Not so Joyful Lina

I've expected this result the day it came out in The Star. As a liberal atheist born in a conservative Muslim country, thats another blow to freedom. Freedom guaranteed under the Constitution. A Constitution filled with holes. You don't need to be Tiger to hit a hole-in-one for this!

Just a few months back, I had a very meaningful chat with a friend of mine. He isn't M'sian and I'm quoting his words(ya, I still remember) so don't tell me that I'm not a Muslim and not supposed to even bring up such a sensitive topic. That friend of mine is the so called 'Good Muslim' who doesn't need to be told when to pray, what food to avoid and how to blow up the Americans.

"My dad is a Muslim, my mum is a Muslim, I'm a Muslim. Hey, since when is Muslim genetically transferable? I don't care, I don't want to believe in this crazy religion, I like beer. Tell me J.C, why is this happening to me? I don't want to be a Muslim! "

Me: Don't ask me! Ask your god Allah! Why ask me? I don't care about what you believe or not lol! If you don't like it so much, just quit!

"I can do this in Japan, but once I'm back in my country, the police will kill me!"

Me: You make your own liquor in your backyard, you think the police actually gives a damn?

"If they don't know, then its ok. I wanna go to America to practice a new religion, if they let me in that is"

Me: If you don't bring a nuclear bomb along, let them do a full body 'harassment' on you, stay in the prison for a few years for being an Iranian trying to find a new life in America, then you might succeed!

".......I'll stay in Japan and pretend to be a Turkish, otherwise I won't be allowed to enter clubs here"

Me: Good luck~~!

We actually covered a wider topic about Muslim rather than those few sentences. I must admit, with my limited knowledge and ignorance, I don't think I'd learn much. But I don't give much of a damn anyway.
So, theres a few shocking thing I learned, that M'sia is VERY strict about the Muslim religion. According to him, Iranians are way more secular then us! Yes, officially, Muslim is the only religion and unlike M'sia, alcoholic drinks is almost impossible to be found in the country(don't mention karaoke and clubs lol!) Surprisingly though, there those who went around this law by planting their own alcoholic stuffs at their own backyard(like my friend here!) According to him, Asahi Super Dry is better than homemade though :p

I asked him how ppl date in his country, and surprise surprise!
"You ppl can hold hands in M'sia and kiss right?"

Me: Ya, if you are not a Muslim, you can do that.
"Oh, in my place, we can't do that, so we do it all online. You go to some of those popular chat sites and try asking where they are from. Everyone will say I'm from Iran! We went high-tech, unlike America and Japan, we use technology!"

Me:How does the guys and gals meet then?
"We set a 'date' in a place like a shopping complex wearing a predetermined item/colour clothes, then we'll walk pass that spot a few times until we see each other"

Me: Then? Then?
"We walk past each other and pass a piece of paper with our photos, letters, and maybe a present"

Me: Damn, that actually sounds quite romantic if I live in the 1900's. You should use u know, those birds called pigeons(goes on explaining what a pigeon is).
"Nah, no need for that, I'm in Japan now J.C! My Jap gf is great, in bed and in the clubs! I love her!"

Me: You lucky F%#ker!

NO Iranians, Americans and M'sians were harmed in the making of this conversation. My friend's family have recently migrated to Japan. No worries I hope!