Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Meet Big Boss!

Shi Han*Serious* : We'll leave at 3.30pm to catch the 4pm train! Don't let ppl wait for us ok!!
A few hours later~~
Shi Han*Smilling* : 4pm?! Kenot la.
Don't you just love being a M'sian? :)

Ok, we weren't actually too late. Still have to wait for the VVVIP to arrive. Everyone just waiting anxiously for someone to just say "Ok, you can eat now!" LOL!

They came, they talked, I don't remember shit!!

See how long I've talked! I'm sweating like crazy! I'll take off my clothes. Who cares? I'm not in Japan for nothing!

5-Star, most expensive in Osaka, so good that every VVIP who comes to Osaka comes here. I guess 5 stars also means that they can count up till' the 5th word only huh? U think I'm crabbing? Guess whats their hotel name?
See! No 6th word!
p.s. If any RRH people is reading this, I'm seriously interested to work as a spelling 'corrector' in your hotel chain. I'm a SPM qualified student with 20 years of Manglish under my belt, speaks in perfect jabber and, with an expensive e-dictionary, able to correct almost any spelling errors that your hotel had/may make. Come on! Give me a shot! (Don't bother if its anything less than 300,000 a month)

Our PM is just a star for that night. Take pictures here, take pics there, sign here, sign there, shake here, shake there.

See, see! All this 'jakuns' haven't seen a PM before...I've shook hands with him a few years back dee lo! And for your info, when I was in Langkawi 2 months ago, I saw Mahathir ok! We were dining the same restaurant somemore! Ok, he was dining, I'm was just 'eating wind'....but still better than nothing right!

Talking about expensive hotels, this is interesting! I mean its just moving a 80kg bathtub out of a hotel, how hard can it be?!

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